26 August 2011

Connect the Dots

Hi, sweeties! 
First of all, I would like to thank you, guys, so much for your wonderful comments on my previous post. I never thought you’ll like this casual version of me, but, to be honest, I’m very glad you did. It means a lot! 
About today’s post...well, the title says it all. I’ve been meaning to wear this dress all summer, but I thought of it as being too simple. You know it was all about colors for me, this season, right?! But yesterday, I found it sitting there all alone, I pulled it out of the closet and in a second it hit me! Blue is the perfect color to make this dress shine! What do you think? I really liked the final result, very matchy-matchy, but still nice. I had some problems choosing the right bag for this outfit, but I think this tiny-little clutch is perfect for it. I must confess that you can’t put anything in it, except your money and your phone, but still. Anyway, I hope you’ll like it! About the pics, the sun was shining and it was kinda windy, so that explains the crazy eyes and hair. Sorry about that!
I think you’ve noticed, by now, that very often I develop an obsession on a piece of clothing or color and I tend to wear it all the time. Well, this is...again...my green period! I noticed that everything I wear, lately, is green. That’s a warning for you, guys! Please, don’t hate me! With this blue-white combo, I thought I’ll take a short break. 
Have a wonderful weekend, guys, and thank you for being here! 

24 August 2011

Don’t take away my stripes!

Hi, guys! 
The weather was so hot during these last days, that it made me feel really sorry about  the upcoming fall. Summer really is the most wonderful season and I’m really sorry that, this year, I haven’t enjoyed it more. Today I went to the pool with my bf and I had so much fun! Hope I’ll manage to go at least one more time until the end of summer. 
About my outfit...I wanted a dress like this for summer since forever, but haven’t found the perfect one. So, it was a good reason for a DIY project. Paired with green accessories, of course, cause you know how I love green, I think it looks kinda nice. What do you think? 
I must say that the Zara clutch and the gorgeous H&M ring were two of my favorite purchases this summer. I love them, so I’m always trying to incorporate them in my outfits. Oh, and I know, I’m wearing sunglasses, how’bout that?! I actually love sunglasses, I own quite a few pairs, but I’m not such a big fan of wearing them. I like to see a person’s eyes when I’m talking to him/her, so that’s why I avoid wearing them. It feels like you’re hiding behind those lenses. This time, I think they gave just a little extra something to the outfit, so I had to wear them!
Have a wonderful afternoon, babes! 

22 August 2011

Knit a Way

Hi, sweeties! 
First of all, I would like to thank you, guys, so much for the positive feedback I received on yesterday’s post. I’m very glad you liked it! I was a bit worried, to be honest. But, I guess, change is good sometimes, isn’t it?! 
About today’s outfit...this is just something I wore last week when the weather gave us a little palpitations...My legs literally froze, although I was wearing a sweater on the top half. A sweater in August?! Yes, but it’s not just any sweater. It’s THE sweater! I must say that this silver knitted jumper was one of H&M’s biggest hits and I think I will love it forever and ever. Although I was planning to match it with my silver Musette clutch, in the end I decided to spice it up with some color... my favorite color... so I added the green accessories. Then again, I am planning to do a remake of this outfit, using some other pair of shorts and accessories. Let’s see which one of them will look better! 
Have a wonderful week, bunnies! 
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