31 March 2013

I’m Blue

Good morning, guys!
 Finally, a new outfit post. A simple, casual one, this time. 
This is what I wore yesterday, something I threw on in the last minute, but it turned out to be a wise choice, since I had tons of things to do and I needed something comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, it was raining, so I just took a few snaps and ran back to the car. But, I’m planning to wear this exact ensemble with heels, also, so you’ll get to see how it looks like, better. 
My plans for today? Shopping, of course...it’s like a breath of fresh air for me, 
especially when I feel that I deserve to spoil myself. And after this full week, I really do. 
I’m going accessories hunting, since I’m planning to spend my whole Summer in dresses and maxis and I need some statement pieces to step out of the crowd. 
Also, I have a surprise for you, tomorrow... Are you ready for the White Sensation Event? Have you already purchased your ticket? If so, stay tuned, cause I’ll give you 
the chance to make this experience unforgettable. 
Have a wonderful weekend, darlings! 

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30 March 2013

H&M Conscious Exclusive

As I was saying a few days ago when I was telling you about The Icons Collection, 
H&M is on fire this Spring. It is definitely determined to bring us only the best of everything. And this time I’m talking about the Conscious Exclusive Collection. 
It brings a range of fabulous evening gowns made of sustainable fabrics. 
In a few words, this collection is a mix of Hollywood Glamour and sustainable fashion. Hollywood comes to life with the lunch of H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Collection, 
which includes evening outfits and gowns, perfect to celebrate the arrival of Spring 
and not only. With a fabulous design, the collection abounds in amazingly 
beautiful gowns and elegant pieces.  
 Personally, I immediately fell in love with the lace asymmetrical gown.
 I can just see myself wearing it not only this Spring, but also during Summer. 
On those warm perfect Summer nights when I’m on vacation, or for a party in the garden. It is so elegant, so feminine...it has that bohemian look, but it’s also sexy and...
I really need it in my life! Also, I absolutely love the white suit. The blazer has the perfect length and cut and those pants are simply to die for. I was looking for a pair of high-waisted white pants since forever and this is definitely my chance to get them. 
Plus, you know that one of this year’s hot trends are suits, so a white one would be just perfect for Spring and Summer. The clutch is also on my list. The soft powdery pink fabric mixed with the amazing jewel applications...it can brighten up every outfit, whether is simple, or elegant. And it goes perfectly with the suit and the white dress, doesn’t it?!
 So, start saving or....stop spending, cause the collection will be available next Saturday,
 at H&M’s Flagship store, Unirea Shopping Center
See you there, darlings!    

29 March 2013

Things you don’t know about me Part II

I tend to develop obsessions 
on certain meals/ a type of dessert/ a fruit, etc. When I like something, I tend to eat that particular thing over and over again until I’m that sick of it that I refuse to ever eat it again. 
At least for a few months or years. It happened with most of my favorite meals. It happened with jelly beans, strawberry, cherries, apple pie and...any type of cake, really. 
This happens with clothes/ shoes or bags, also. When I buy something new and I like it a lot, I tend to wear it over and over again, until I’m tired of it. 
When this happens, it’s very hard for me to start wearing it again. I usually don’t. 

I eat a lot
  I know that it’s probably very hard to believe, but I love to eat and I eat a lot. My parents are quite shocked by how often or how much I eat. I eat as much as a normal man (man, not woman), without any restrictions. I was blessed, so blessed with an amazing metabolism, or else I don’t know where or how I would have been right now.
I think that not being able to eat what and how much you want is the biggest curse 
and I am truly thankful for my genes.


I hate beef and lamb
  Although many people seem to love’em, I am pretty sure these two types of meat 
weren’t meant to be eaten.

I love to cook
   It’s one of my hobbies. And when I was in high-school I used to experiment all sorts of recipes. Unfortunately, not all of them turned out...edible, but my poor brother used to eat them and still say they were good. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to experiment as much as I would want, but I’m planning to attend some cooking classes this Summer.

Sometimes, I wear hair extensions
 Not very often, but sometimes I do. I love long and thick hair. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with the perfect hair. Not even close. It looks horrible if I’m leaving it all natural, so I have to style it every single time. Mostly, with the curling iron. Fortunately, the fact that I use high quality hair products keeps it healthy and shiny. My hair is not very thick, so I bought the extensions to make it look thicker. They have the same length as my hair, so this is their only purpose. They are clip-ons, so it takes me just a few minutes to put them on and have the fabulous hair I love! 

I have a belly button piercing
  I have it for six years, now, and I can’t imagine myself without it. Nothing too tacky, though, just stainless steel, no rhinestones, or bunnies, or little butterflies. 

I don’t know how to swim
  I love water, but I refused to go to swimming lessons when I was a child. I’m super jealous of the people who can, but at this age I’m kinda embarrassed to start learning. Although I love going to the seaside and I love playing in the water, I’m kinda freaked out by the idea of having absolutely no control while being at sea. So I avoid boats, ferries and you’ll never see me going on a cruise no matter how glamorous it may be.

I rarely have nightmares
 I used to have one when I was a little girl: it was like I was surrounded by huge mountains of...yeast. You know, that thing you use to make the bread grow nice and puffy? Well, my grandmother used to always make the bread at home. And I used to stand by her, watching the whole process. I hated, absolutely hated the smell, consistency and appearance of the yeast. That much that it even brought me nightmares! Daily, whether it was during the night or during my afternoon naps (don’t judge, I had to!), I used to dream that those huge mountains of yeast started collapsing on me. I woke up crying and swore I will never eat bread again! But now, I rarely have nightmares. That is, probably, cause I rarely have dreams, also. Or I have a really bad memory...

It’s very hard for me to fall asleep somewhere other than my own bed
  It takes me forever to fall asleep when I’m traveling and I literally can’t fall asleep in the car, in the plane or any other place that isn’t shaped as a bed. I literally look like this:

My favorite fashion blogger is Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific 
I absolutely love this woman and I would talk on and on about her if I wouldn’t know that most of you read her blog and love her, also. 

I’ve just started creating my own dresses
I have absolutely no experience in this field, little to no knowledge and absolutely no idea what I’m doing. But I’m planning to learn, because ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed about THAT perfect dress and THAT perfect skirt. One of the main topics and questions in my group of friends is „Why can’t we find a dress like this or like that?!ˮ It’s driving me and most of us, girls, crazy. 
Some things are just impossible to be found in stores. 
So, I’ve decided to create them myself. If you’ll like’em, too, it will be even better! 
The first ones: here, here and here.

I never wore eye shadow 
 How weird is that?! Basically, my make-up routine is always the same:  Eye cream, Face cream, Foundation, a little translucent powder, eyeliner (always and forever, I’m an addict) and lipstick, since recently. A few months ago, I only wore lip balm. I never wear mascara, either. 
I secretly want to be able to do a glamorous make-up for myself...or any sort of make-up, really. 
I’m planning to learn!

I am really afraid of spiders or crawling creatures,
 but I always try to catch them and release them outside. I never kill them!

I’ve picked the song I want to dance on at my wedding 
ever since I was in high-school. And that is weird simply because I never thought about my wedding. Not a single detail, how it should be like, how my wedding dress is going to be...Nothing. The song is „I wanna grow old with youˮ – Westlife.

I am not the kind of girl who develops crushes, but I love Ryan Gosling. Long before he developed his „Oh my God, it’s like you’re photoshopped or somethingˮ body. I fell in love with him ever since I saw The Notebook, which is my favorite movie of all times. That and The Lake House. Oh, and I love the entire cast of Fast & Furious. Don’t tell anyone!

I used to be blonde
  Yeah, yeah...you read well, I used to be blonde a few years ago. 
When I was in high-school, it came to my attention that every hairstyle looks better on blonde hair. That, and the fact that lighter hair would definitely look good on me. Oh, but I was so wrong! So so sooooo wrong. Believe me, blonde hair is not for everyone and especially, not for me! It took me one year to get from my natural hair color (dark brown) to the lightest shade of blonde, my goal. I didn’t want to ruin my hair, apparently, but guess what, I did it, anyway! 
So, when I’ve decided to go back to my natural color, I had to cut it short...very short, 
because it was no way for it to regenerate otherwise.
 I cried for a whole week, even though everybody told me it looks good me. 
I love and I’ve always loved long hair and that is that!

I used to be a fake-tanning addict
  I’ve always loved tanned skin, always...ever since I can remember. So, I used to sunbathe all Summer long. At the beginning of my last year of high-school, I realized I can’t imagine myself without that sun-kissed skin, so I’ve started fake tanning. After a while, I was so tanned that my mother was actually terrified! It took me two years to understand the side-effects. I had to use tons of moisturizing lotions/ creams/ body butters to repair my damaged skin and...it took me another two years to do that. I’ve learned my lesson, but, because I have the weirdest looking skin...white, almost transparent, I’m still addicted to tanning, but only a few months a year, 
before the Summer starts. 

I used to be a huge basketball fan, in high school. 
That huge that I actually used to stay up all night to watch the games live. 
I absolutely loved Kobe and the Lakers, and I still do! 

I used to collect porcelain dolls
  I fell in love with porcelain dolls, their fabulous dresses and perfect curly hair when
 I received my first one, at the age of 13. My aunt brought it for me, as a gift, from Canada. Since then, I used to buy a porcelain doll from every country I visited. I stopped, cause a young woman’s room looks quite creepy with so many dolls all over the place. 
Now, I collect Me to you teddy bears, though. I know, I know, I am child trapped
 in a grown-up body. I love these teddies, really! 
They are so cute and perfect for every age, in my opinion.

I used to love drawing
 Like all the time. Ever since I was a little a girl, I used to love drawing. Everything, from weird looking people, to flowers as tall as the house and birds as large as the Sun, but still... I loved drawing and when I was a teenager I developed an obsession on drawing houses. You can’t imagine the amount of time I used to spend in front of that sheet of paper. I used the ruler, the compass and everything. How cool was I?! One of my biggest regrets is not going to the Architecture School. Oh, well...in another life, maybe.  

Don’t laugh. I have these from kindergarten ☺ and I am still shocked by my lack of talent

When I was a child, I was completely obsessed with NFS
Need for Speed, that is. I used to sit in front of the PC for hours and hours. You see, that’s what happens when you have an older brother. You transform into his little brother.

I used to do Karate
 Yes, it’s true. From all the sports and activities I had to choose from when I was a child, I chose karate. And I really liked it, it was super fun! Unfortunately, it was only for a year.

As a child, I used to say NO to everything
 When I was little, I used to always refuse my parents when they asked me if I want something. Food, sweets, clothes, toys, games...going on the ferris wheel, you name it. It was all about: „No, thanks!ˮ for me, even if I wanted that thing with all my heart. Don’t ask me why, not even after all these years have I managed to find an explanation for this.

I used to exchange toys with my cousin 
and because our parents didn’t know about our...deal, we used to hide them. Well, my mother found them, accused me of stealing and returned them to the original owner.
 I never saw mine back...Whaaaat?!

When I was a child, I used to be a Masterchef
 I mastered the perfect combinations between my mother’s beauty products. I had a period, when I was around 10 years old, when I had an obsession with mixing my mother’s cosmetics. I used to grab a jar and start adding: lotion, shampoo, conditioner, cleansing milk, perfume, foundation, scrub...and the dry ingredients, of course: eye shadow, powder, blush, you know. Keep in mind, it was a different combo every time! After mixing them all together I must admit that I was very proud of myself. After a few minutes spent contemplating the result, I just threw the content, washed the jar and everything went back to normal. I was never caught! Haha!

When I was a kid I had scanty hair 
My father was kinda desperate, cause he wanted a girl and he ended up with a baldie little person. I’ve spent my first three years looking like Vin Diesel, because my mother hoped that by cutting it so short, the growth will be stimulated. I am embarrassed...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all these things about me. 
It really means a lot to me!

I took this decision, because many of you have asked me to do it during these...
almost two years. But, I chose to share so many things with you and to actually explain them to you, so that you could know me better. The real me, behind the few words I’m sharing every day, behind the outfits, the pictures and...my serious face. Some of you congratulated me for my sincerity and courage... Although I thank you for that, it’s not something to be congratulated for. This is who I am and I think it is only normal for you to see this side of me and I couldn’t have shown it to you any other way than this: realistic, sincere and a little entertaining. I hope you liked it, I hope you saw yourself in a few of these descriptions, I hope you, now, feel closer to me, I hope you smiled a little! As for me...it has been really great...writing all these stuff down, sharing it with you and most of all, reading your wonderful comments, messages and emails...It made my whole week better! 
Thank you for that and for being here every day! 

P.S. I’ve already answered to your comments on my previous post!
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