27 September 2011


Hi, sweeties! 
I must confess that I was extremely anxious to wear this skirt! I absolutely love it!
You know that I love pencil skirts and the fact that it’s white and it also has 
that interesting slimming effect given by the black stripes on the sides, 
makes it the perfect skirt, in my opinion. 
When I first saw it on Zara’s website, I instantly fell in love and, believe me, I had to go through some adventures to find it in my size and...intact. 
Cause after I jumped up and down through the entire store when I first saw
the tag with my size, it all fell apart when I saw that the zipper was broken.
I chose something very simple for the first outfit, but I added the animal print shoes 
to spice things up. What do you think?
Have a wonderful day, guys! 

26 September 2011


Good morning, sweeties!
Just a quick update for today. 
It’s time for my casual outfit post, so this is what I wore yesterday. 
Very clean and simple cause I definitely needed a break from all that Saturday madness. Have a wonderful week! 

24 September 2011

College Girl

Good morning, sweeties!
Finally, I can say that it’s all over. Everything is going back to normal starting today! 
I must say that I’m extremely relieved and very excited at the same time...
I really think this is a big step for me and for my future. 
I would like to thank you, guys, so much for your wonderful comments and support through this period. You are amazing and I love you for that! 
About my outfit, this is just something that I’ve put together before going to college, 
last week. I don’t have a bag, because I didn’t take one with me. 
Just a stack of papers and books. That was one of my bad days, I was really 
exhausted and overwhelmed and I think this abnormal heat we’re experiencing 
had a lot to do with it. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! 
I never would have thought we’ll have 30 degrees at the end of September.
Anyway, how cute is the first pic?! I love it! Bijou looks sooo cute! 
Have a wonderful weekend, guys! 

14 September 2011

Take a break

Hi, sweeties!
I’m writing this post to let you know that I will be taking a short break these next couple of days. I have a very important project to prepare, so I need to concentrate and study for it. By doing that, I won’t be able to update my blog every day and to answer to all of your wonderful comments. So, I’ll take a few days off and afterward, I promise I’ll answer to every single one of your comments and posts. 
Thank you so much for your support and understanding!
Have a wonderful week!

08 September 2011

Purple Rain

Hi, guys! 
I feel terrible today...I caught a cold when I went to the Public Library few days ago, because they had the AC on, at 15 degrees, I think. I literally froze, but I never 
thought I’ll end up with a cold in the middle of...well, at the end of summer. 
This never happened to me before and now I hate it even more, because, with 
all the things I’ll have to do during these next few days, dealing with a cold 
will be the last thing on my mind. Anyway, sorry to bore you with all these 
details, but I was just trying to apologize for my face in this and the next outfit posts. 
About my outfit...Well, when I bought this skirt, I thought I’ll be wearing it all 
summer long, but unfortunately I didn’t. Luckily, thanks to the color and the thick 
fabric, I guess I’ll be wearing it during fall/winter, too. 
I think it will look nice with black tights, don’t you think?
Finally, I would like to thank you, guys, so much for the wonderful comments 
you left on my previous post. I’m really glad you liked Bijou, cause you’ll be 
seeing him a lot from now on! 
I hope you’ll have a wonderful day, babes! 

07 September 2011

Mon Bijou

Good morning, sweeties! 
Well, I would like you to meet the new member of my family, Bijou. 
He’s a baby Pomeranian that came into my life almost one month ago and now I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s so loving and playful and...crazy, according to my mom, but everybody loves him, already. I’ve always wanted a little white dog, but I had some trouble convincing my mom to accept another pet. 
I mentioned before that I have a Birmanese cat and two Labradors, remember? 
He always stays with me when I’m shooting my outfit pics, but usually I crop the pics,
so that’s why you haven’t seen him before. I think he kinda suspected that, cause lately, he stubbornly insists to stay in the exact same place I am staying. 
Sorry for the pics overload, but he looks so cute, so I couldn’t decide which ones to choose. About my outfit, I think I haven’t done a black and white combo in a while, now...
So, here goes, I hope you’ll like it! 
Have a wonderful day, lovelies! 

01 September 2011

I'm not ready to say goodbye yet!

Good morning, sweeties!
I, honestly, can’t believe that autumn has officially arrived. Wow...time flies!
With all the exams and stuff I haven’t even felt these three months. Anyway, since summer is definitely my favorite season, I want to say a proper goodbye to this wonderful 
season, hoping that it won’t leave us just yet. Please, Mrs. Summer, stay with us a little longer! We will miss you, so! I must confess that I’m not ready to say goodbye to the long hot days, the warmth of the sun, and of course, the colors. This season, we indulged ourselves in wonderful, bright, neon colors and we loved it! Oh...how much we loved it!
And hopefully, autumn won’t be as harsh as it used to be these last years. 

Although, today we celebrate the official arrival of autumn, I chose to wear colors, 
floral print and color block sandals, as a tribute to my favorite season and as a statement of my refusal to accept its departure. I don’t know why, but I forgot to include my clutch 
into these pics. It totally slip my mind! Just so you know, I wore a pink one. 
I’m not usually a fan of matching shoes with the bag, but since my shoes include red, as well, they weren’t quite identical. Plus, I have two more outfits in mind with this skirt, including a black and a green clutch, so I had to use something different this time.
I have this skirt since June and I had this combination in mind ever since I saw it, but (If you can believe that!) I failed at finding the perfect white shirt. Honestly, all I have is
sheer, oversized, tunic-like, short-sleeve white shirts. Nothing basic. 
Until Monday, when I finally found it! The perfect white shirt! I hope you like it, cause 
you’ll be seeing it a lot! I think it’s almost a year since I’m looking for it! 
So, I wish you, guys, a wonderful and warm season and good luck with school for those 
of you who are back in their benches!

Last, but not least, I would like to wish Happy Birthday to Daiana, one of my wonderful readers, who celebrates her birthday today! 
Sweetie, I wish you all the best in the world! 
Good luck, happiness and much love from the ones around you!
Make the most of today! 

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