27 February 2012

Leather & Fur

Good morning, sweeties!
 Just a quick update for today...
I hope you’ll have a wonderful week! 

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24 February 2012

Silver & Gold

Hi, sweeties! 
Many of you don’t know that us, Romanians, celebrate love, today.
 It’s called Dragobete and it’s actually our local version of Valentine’s Day. 
Although I really don’t believe you need a certain day to celebrate love, 
I had a really wonderful time with my boyfriend. 
Knowing how much I love macarons, he even crossed the entire city to buy me 
the heart shaped ones Madame Lucie made for this special occasion.
 Today I was in a very romantic mood, so I chose my outfit accordingly. 
Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures, but you can see a preview on my Facebook page. What you’re seeing today is what I wore yesterday. 
I must admit that the shoes travelled in my handbag, until I reached my destination, 
but if it weren’t for all this melted snow that threatens to drown the city, I could have easily worn them, because the weather really got warmer, these last couple of days. 
I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend! 

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22 February 2012

Sky Blue

Hi, guys! 
I bet you’re already sick of all these casual outfits, 
but this is what I’m wearing lately. Places to go, people to meet...new Spring collections to admire, so heels are the last thing on my mind, right now. 
I have to run! Have a wonderful day! 

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21 February 2012

Marni at H&M

Although I must admit that I wasn’t very excited about H&M’s latest collaboration, 
now, after seeing the lookbook, I must declare myself...attracted to some of the pieces. 
What about you? Is there anything you’d like to take home with you and rock the runway...oh, sorry...streets, this Spring?

20 February 2012

A hint of berry

Hi, guys! 
Just a quick update for today. 
This is what I wore yesterday when I went shopping.
 I don’t know if this year’s Spring collections are really that amazing, or I’m just very lucky, cause I bought some really nice pieces, lately. I can’t wait to be able to wear them!
 I hope you’ll have a wonderful week! 

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17 February 2012

Winter Bloom

Hi, guys! 
I don’t know how many times I have told you that I hate Winter, 
but one thing I know for sure: it was not enough! I hate Winter with all my heart and I’m literally...and I mean L I T E R A L L Y counting down the days till Spring arrives. 
On a much happier note, once again, this season I’m very happy with my sale purchases. 
I was searching for this coat ever since I saw it on the Zara website, but 
there was absolutely no sign of it in stores. But, last weekend, it finally came home with me! It was the last one and it was reduced from 115 € to 35 €. This is what I call a good deal!
 I like it mostly because of its particular cut. Since black is definitely not my color, 
it was very difficult for me to find something that would actually look good on me. 
I needed something different to draw the attention from the black winter coat cliche.
This one is perfect, especially because it’s not that thick, so I can wear it all year round! 
So, this is what I’m wearing today.
 I chose a floral printed skirt so that Spring will realise how much we miss it and kick Winter’s ass out of here. I actually think it works, since the exact moment I stepped out the door, the sun came out. Not a very good thing for my pics, but still...it was a good sign!
Anyway, I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend! 

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05 February 2012


Since it’s absolutely impossible for me to leave my house on these weather conditions, 
I can only dream of the moment when these pieces will be in my closet. 
Not to mention the moment when I  will actually be able to wear them! 
I feel like winter is here to stay for a long, long time and the only thing that 
keeps me from going crazy is dreaming about 
warm spring days, flowy maxis, light jackets and pastel colors. 
So, this is a small part of my wishlist for this spring...
I can’t wait for these items to hit stores! 
What about you? 
What’s on your wishlist for the upcoming season?
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