29 July 2013

Take Three

Hello, darlings! 
What started out as a rock-chic interpretation of this maxi, 
ended with me choosing...the wrong accessories. 
Truth to be told, I wasn’t feeling so tough that day, considering that I was 
coming after a 12 hours marathon at work. Anyway, something good is gotta 
come out of this... I have the chance to wear this skirt again in a different look. 
I’m thinking smokey eyes and biker boots. Until then, I have to endure the sky-high temperatures we are having here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, on the contrary...
I couldn’t be more excited that I can finally work on my tan 
in the comfort of my own home...or back yard. 
My man is out of town for a few days, so I’m going to take some time off 
from the outfit posts, but I have something else prepared for you, guys, instead. 
Have a wonderful afternoon! 

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25 July 2013

Summer Breeze

Hi, guys! 
I am so glad you liked my new hairstyle! I’ve decided to try something new, 
because I needed a change. Plus, it’s easier for me during this heat wave, 
cause I can immediately change it into a pony tale. 
As I was telling you the other day, I absolutely adore pastel tones during Summer. 
They look and feel so fresh and so light...what more can you wish for, during Summer?! 
As for the pieces I’m wearing, a pair of white pants was on my wishlist since forever,
 but I never managed to find that right pair. It was even the fabric, or the length that
 kept me away!  But this particular pair is exactly what I was looking for. 
Perfect match for my backless powdery pink top. You can find them both in stores now!
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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24 July 2013


Hi, sweeties! 
This is what I wore yesterday for an evening out with my boyfriend. 
Although I am not the biggest fan of the navy-black combo, I think the 
tough accessories go well with the bold cut of the dress. Don’t you think? 
Have a wonderful day, guys! 

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23 July 2013

Soft Tones

Hi, sweeties! 
Just a quick update for today. 
I just love pastels during Summer. 
Somehow they look much more appropriate to me than bright colors. 
Have a wonderful day! 

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19 July 2013

Proudly Presenting

Good morning, darlings! 
This is not quite an outfit post... I had the intention to do one, but this little fellow, 
right here, begged me to take him out for a walk. And since I couldn’t resist, I took my flats, left my handbag at home and took him, instead. My boyfriend was joking saying that at least I have him attached to my hand, since I left my handbag at home. 
This dress is one other item I scored during sales. I already had the white,
 maxi version and since I love this flowy soft fabric so much, I’ve decided 
this one was a good investment, also. 
Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! 

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18 July 2013

All Over the Place

Good morning, guys! 
As you can see from the pics, this is me, lately...all over the place. 
No, I’m not surprised that I still have the sandals on, nor to I need help to keep my balance, I’m just...bored. Or I have an enormous lack of imagination, to be honest. 
Posing so often, especially if it’s not quite your biggest pleasure, does that to you. Anyway...I could literally spend my whole life in this kind of outfits. 
Particularly, these jeans were the wisest decision a person could have ever made! 
The person who decided to steal her husband’s jeans, that is. 
And of course, the ones who worked to adapt the model for the woman figure.
 I must me honest...I really appreciate comfort from time to time. 
Lately, even more than usual. Add some glamorous accessories to the set and 
you’ve got yourself an effortlessly cool look. 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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16 July 2013

Insta Life

 Feels like I have been searching for them all my life

Double or nothing

Outfit of the day

 Well, hello there!

14 July 2013


Hi, guys! 
This is definitely the trend I love most, right now. 
I would wear cropped tops with high-waisted bottoms all day, every day, if I could. Unfortunately, both of them are so hard to find, even though they are so in, right now. This skirt is one of the best purchases I ever made. It’s incredibly versatile, 
that’s why I’ve decided to mix it with this sporty printed tee.  
The result is fun, casual, youthful, with just a little touch of elegance. 
Have a wonderful Sunday, lovelies! 

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Apropo, dragelor, să nu râdeți prea tare de background.
 Asta se întâmplă dacă nu citești ce scrie pe peretele cu care te pozezi. 
De fapt, pe cine păcălesc?! Bineînțeles că o să râdeți...asta am făcut și eu, 
10 minute după ce am descărcat pozele. Oh, well... Fun Sunday!

12 July 2013

I’m lovin’it!

Good morning, guys! 
Yep, I must admit: I love this fence!
Moving on, believe it or not, I wore this outfit exactly two years ago. 
Well, a version of it, anyway. I loved it so much, but I didn’t get the chance to take any pictures of it. Time went by, clothes changed, but I still had this idea in my head, so,
 a few days ago I decided to make it happen. This is the perfect outfit for me: 
casual with just the right amount of chicness to get you out of the crowd. 
Have a wonderful weekend, sweeties! 

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11 July 2013

Modern Day Gipsy

Hi, guys! 
Do you remember this maxi? The „you either like it, or you don’tˮ skirt? 
As I was telling you on my previous post with it, I took it as a challenge. 
So here is my second outfit with it: a modern day gipsy look. 
I remained in the pastel tones area, because I didn’t want to go overboard, but I curled up my hair even more than usual and I added these earrings to complete the look. 
A little bit too much, maybe, but I’m proud that I completed the challenge. 
Stay tuned for the next outfit with it!
 Have a wonderful day, sweeties! 

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09 July 2013


Hello, birdies! 
Don’t you just miss the perfect Summer days we had back in the days?! 
Is it just me, or do you all feel that this weather has gone mad? It is either sick of seeing too much skin, or its issues are way more serious and important for us to actually understand them. 
Back when I was little, naive and quite stupid (proven by the number of pranks my older brother used to play on me and I always, no exaggeration here, ALWAYS fell for) the seasons were exactly as their name says it. Summer was actually Summer. Starting from June, till the end of August, my biggest joy were those warm Summer rains. No, I wasn’t a romantic and I didn’t like to walk through the rain holding my kindergarten sweetheart’s hand. No, I was one of those average kids. 
I used to love playing in those muddy ponds, to my mother’s despair. 
Back to the boring present, what’s with these storms we’ve been having for the last two weeks?! Where is Summer? Where are those unbearable temperatures? My dresses are craving for them, really...Sorry for the long speech, but I had to justify somehow my grumpy face in these pics. We took them right before the rain started...again...
so I was already with one leg home and one eye watching carefully for 
the threatening black clouds above me. 
Have a wonderful and sunny day, darlings! 

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07 July 2013


Good morning, guys! 
For me, nothing says Summer more than a perfect low back cut on a dress or an open back 
on a blouse. If we add lace to the equation, things couldn’t be any better. 
Saw this lace blouse on a mannequin a few weeks ago, stalked a few shop-assistants, managed to find the exact H&M store that still had it in my size and happily went home with it. 
My love for this pencil skirt and these color-block flats was declared, here, 
one too many times, so I’m gonna stop at saying that they are two sale purchases 
that I absolutely love. How about you? How do you decide what to buy during the sale season? 
Do you focus on the basic pieces, on the statement pieces, or do you purchase everything that catches your eye? I’m going to tell you about my shopping habit in my next post. 
Until then, enjoy this beautiful Sunday! 

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04 July 2013

Summer Love

Hi, guys! 
I’m very sorry for posting this late, but I just got home. Being home alone is not 
so fun and easy as it seems, but I’m doing my best to keep you updated. 
About my outfit...I’m wearing the best purchase I ever made during the sale season. 
I fell in love with this jacket the moment I saw it in stores, soI couldn’t be happier that I managed to find it on sale. As for this dress...it’s perfect for Summer. The fabric is very soft and light, perfect for this weather and you just gotta love the low back cut. 
I absolutely love this type of dresses mostly because you can easily dress 
them up or down. I already have two more combos in mind with it, 
a sporty look and an edgier one. I hope you’ll like it! 
Have a wonderful evening, sweeties! 

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02 July 2013


Hi, guys! 
Just a quick update for today. 
For a few days, Autumn was back in town, so I had to choose something a little bit thicker. 
A simple, casual outfit in soft tones to compensate for the dark clouds. 
Have a wonderful and sunny day! 

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01 July 2013


Hi, sweeties! 
Finally, a new outfit post. I’m very sorry for my absence, but my boyfriend...
and photographer was away, so I took this time off to get things settled at work. 
Ok, I did a little sale shopping, also. Well, it left me kinda broke, but let’s just say it was just a little and the rest of the money miraculously vanished. I’ve found this cropped top on sale and I couldn’t wait to wear it with my high-waisted mint polka-dotted skirt. Colored my nails in the same color, took these killer shoes for the wow effect and went to work. 
Have a wonderful week and enjoy this new month of Summer!

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