30 April 2014


Good morning, guys! 
Just a quick update for today with a casual outfit I wore this weekend. 
I’m craving colors, flowy dresses and skirts, sandals and rays of sunshine in my hair. 
Until then, I’ll just have to get used with the cloudy sky and the „always presentˮ jacket. 
The good news is that Summer officially starts tomorrow, so the long, 
beautiful, sunny days are on their way! 
Have a wonderful day, sweeties! 

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28 April 2014

Red Riding Hood Moment

Good morning, guys! 
As you can see, I am having a Red Riding Hood moment today. 
I was super excited to finally show you this dress, since it’s ready for quite some time now. I was so excited that on Saturday, when we took the pics, everything went ballistic. 
I took the wrong size, I forgot both the shoes and  „my Rapunzel hairˮ at home, 
so I had to improvise. Even though it has nothing to do with what I had in mind for this shooting, the pictures turned out pretty decent, so I hope you’ll like them. 
You can find the dress here, of course. 
Have a wonderful week, darlings! 

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25 April 2014

Double Trouble

Good morning, darlings! 
I hope you, guys, enjoyed this prolonged holiday weekend, cause I sure did. 
I had the greatest Easter day, since I was lucky enough to witness one of nature’s biggest miracles, in my opinion. As some of you already seen on Instagram, after three weeks 
of waiting and two sleepless nights I welcomed into this world 42 wonderful chicks. 
It probably doesn’t seem like much to you, but it means a lot to me. Hearing them cheeping inside the egg, the hatching process, their first moments of life... it’s something
 I can’t even put into words. A true miracle! Even though I have witnessed this process several times before when I was a child, it’s truly different when you have to face it 
on your own. Emotional, a little stressful, but extremely beautiful! 
As for today’s post...I can’t remember a Spring as moody as the one we are experiencing right now. It’s constantly raining and the temperature fluctuates from 12 to 28 degrees. 
On one of the few sunny days we had I decided to wear this striped set as a suit. 
Because I never tried wearing two pieces with the same print at once and you know 
that I like to experiment. So...to many more sunny days and implicitly, outfit posts,
 cause I have so many stuff to show you! 
Have a wonderful weekend, guys! 

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16 April 2014

Black One Piece

Good morning, darlings!
 It’s raining cats and dogs on the other side of my window, but here I am, 
standing in front of you with my curls ruffled by the gentle Spring breeze. 
Between you and me, wind drives my crazy, especially when I’m wearing my hair down. 
I’m not the biggest enemy of hair styling products, but Lord knows I don’t want 
to see my hair styled with lipstick. I was so eager to wear this black jumpsuit,
 so Monday seemed like the perfect occasion. A beautiful  and sunny Spring day, 
perfect for a walk in the city. Not for a person who skipped to take these pictures, 
but for you, conscious guys out there. 
Have a wonderful  day, guys! 

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15 April 2014

Don't sweat it!

Good morning, darlings! 
I had to try this „sweatshirt gone chicˮ trend and seeing this particular piece 
at Mango the other day convinced me to it. Gotta say that it looks kinda interesting,
 so I’m planning to incorporate it in a few more outfits.
Perfect timing, since this Spring is so extremely moody. 
Gotta go now! I have o make sure that all your orders arrive in time for Easter. 
Have a wonderful day, guys! 

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11 April 2014

Street Style, I guess

Good morning, guys! 
Oh, I miss this sunny day...I promised I won’t be talking about the weather  
today, but it’s really hard when you look out the window. 
The day we took these pictures was the most exhausting of them all, running between showrooms and trying on fabulous dress after fabulous dress, after yet another fabulous dress. All work and no fun, poor me... Sarcasm and irony totally intended, here!
 I have an event scheduled at the beginning of June, so I’m searching for the perfect dress. This time, I’m thinking something daring and sexy, but it’s so hard to chose between
 all these beauties. Can’t wait to show you my final choice! 
Anyway, my day was completed by a yummy lunch and a short fabric testing experience (new Spring dresses are coming soon, darlings!), so I ended up picture-less at the end 
of the day. So I skipped work for a few minutes and we took these snaps 
in the middle of a...typical Romanian extremely crowded street. 
So thank you car owners for the great props. I wouldn’t have done it without you! 
I’m just kidding, but you must admit my background is kinda cool. Not.
Have a wonderful weekend, darlings! Kisses

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08 April 2014

Black Eva

Good morning, guys! 
Just a quick update for today. 
Since so many of you asked for it, the skater skirt in neoprene is now available
 in black, also. I figured we won’t be wearing black now that the warm season is here, 
but you, guys, are right. You can wear this skirt with anything and everything!
 I chose to wear it like this for an outfit I wore to work yesterday. 
I’ll really miss these boots, but I have some new killer sandals to show you, so no worries. Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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04 April 2014

Gloomy Weather

Good morning, darlings! 
Yesterday was one of those days...both sunny and cloudy, but the wind was 
present every step of the way. My hair was all over the place, but fortunately, 
we managed to take some decent pictures in the end. Cause of course I’m showing 
you only the good ones, that’s what we, bloggers, do. 
For the people who actually saw me, I was the girl with the hair mask. 
Anyway, I was so excited when I finally found this pair of high-waisted jeans. 
I was looking for one since forever and of course I had to find it in Zara.
 I was that excited that I actually got upset on my boyfriend who sincerely told me
 that they look terrible. I usually listen to him, but this time he ended up going back to 
the store to get’em for me. I love’em too much! I’m doing my best to restrain myself from wearing them every day for the rest of my life. Now tell me, am I a Zara addict or not?! 
Have a wonderful weekend, darlings! 

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