30 June 2013

Last Chance

Hi, guys! 
As most of you already know, Google Reader is shutting down starting tomorrow, 
the 1st of July. Starting then, you will lose the list of blogs you follow. So, be sure to transfer the list of all the blogs you already follow to Bloglovin’
so you won’t miss out on the updates of your favorite blogs. 
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See you tomorrow with a new outfit post. 
Until then, have a wonderful Sunday!

28 June 2013

Insta Life

Outfit of the day
At the Digital Divas Awards Gala
Picture by Yvan Rodic
Details of the day

21 June 2013

Passing by

Hi, sweeties! 
Google just told me that today is the first day of Summer. How weird is that?! 
It feels to me like it has been so long since the temperatures went up in the air. 
Either way, it feels great cause I’m just starting to get used to them. 
As for my outfit, I’ve been searching for this pair of striped pants since I first saw them online. A few days ago, when the Zara staff took out the entire Spring Summer collection (they are preparing for the sales, I know it!), they finally went home with me! 
And they’re a perfect match for my neon yellow top, aren’t they? 
Have a wonderful weekend, darlings! 

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20 June 2013


Hi, guys! 
I can’t believe this first month of Summer is almost over. 
It’s like I’m on fast forward, lately! There’s one good thing about it, though. 
The Summer sales are about to start and I couldn’t be more excited! 
This is my first weekend off in a long time and I’m planning to spend it sun bathing all day long. Speaking about the weekend, this one is going to start big with the Digital Divas Gala, tomorrow! I’m so excited that I’m finally going to meet my wonderful fellow bloggers! As for my outfit, this is another one of those „grab and runĖ®ones. 
So sorry for my lack of imagination, lately! I’m promise I’m going to work on my tan 
and start wearing some more appropriate outfits. 
Have a wonderful day! 

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19 June 2013


Hi, sweeties! 
I am very sorry about my absence, but I’ve been stuck between paperwork, lately. Working for yourself sure implies ten times more work and stress, 
but it definitely is more rewarding! So I guess it’s all worth it! 
Out of the blue, the temperatures went crazy these last few days. 
The heat is unbearable especially for me, since I’m still struggling with that allergy and I can’t wear proper Summer clothes. I love the Sun, but boy, can it be harsh sometimes! 
In other terms, on Friday I will be participating to the Digital Divas Gala, an event dedicated to the active women in social media. I was nominated on two categories: 
Best Fashion Blog and Best Instagram Account, among some wonderful bloggers, 
so it’s truly an honor for me. Have a wonderful day, darlings and keep yourself safe!
 I know you love the Sun, but try to avoid it during the midday hours!

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