26 November 2013


Hi, guys! 
Motivation...this is what you need, these days, to get out of the house. 
The days are getting shorter and colder, but what better reason can a girl need 
than taking her new additions to the cold season wardrobe, for a stroll?! 
The Motivi team invited me to check their Winter collection and I must tell you that
 it looks as great as it does in the official lookbook. The new collection fits every style 
and need, from casual to elegant pieces, from leather to wool, flirty dresses or chic jackets.
 All the pieces are great and truly eye catching, but I fell in love with the Winter coats. 
That’s why I knew I had to have mine. A very soft and light, 
but still thick enough to protect me from the cold, buttery white coat. 
Perfect match for the loose sweater dress, don’t you think?! 
Do check their website to see the entire collection and the Official Motivi Facebook 
page to stay in touch with their newest updates. 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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22 November 2013

Last, but not Least

Hi, guys! 
Happily for me, I still had this outfit to show you, shot when we still had a bright 
Sun shining above us. It’s freezing cold outside, right now, but me...
Oh, I’m the same light dresser I’ve always been. It literally drives my mother nuts! 
Anyway...I never thought I’d wear an animal printed dress,
 but this one is a little out of the ordinary and quite interesting. 
Can’t wait to wear it with a leather jacket and biker boots. 
Have a wonderful weekend, darlings! 

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20 November 2013

Ready for Winter

Good morning, guys! 
Am I ready for the cold season or what?! 
What am I saying?! I’m never ready, but this bag actually makes me think that I am. 
I don’t know if it’s the fifty shades of grey mix, or the fabric, but it somehow 
seems to be made for this season. Probably cause it actually is! 
I’m talking nonsense, here, so it’s probably better to leave you with this new outfit post. 
A casual one I wore on Sunday. Honestly, I have a question: does anything else feel as comfortable as a loose sweater paired with boyfriend jeans, feels? 
Heaven, I’m telling you...perfect for the weekend. 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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18 November 2013

Back to School

Hi, guys! 
I’m totally loving this type of skirts, lately. 
Since I don’t really like pants or any kind of thick clothing piece, I’m more than happy
 when I find pieces like this one, right here, before the debut of the cold season. 
Paired with thick black tights, a pair of boots, a large faux fur collar and a warm jacket
 and you’re ready to go. Cause I must tell you: there’s no way in hell you can leave 
the house in your bare feet, like I did here, anymore!
Oh, and let’s not forget about the necklace...how cool is it, really?! 
After facing my boyfriend’s terrified look and my mother’s jokes around it, I still 
love it just as much. Cause it truly is a statement piece! The kind of statement piece 
that you can buy with only 15 €, you know what I mean. 
Have a wonderful evening, darlings! 

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14 November 2013

Happy Thoughts

Hi, sweeties! 
With this weather outside, all I can say is: think happy thoughts! 
I shot these pictures back in the days when the sun was shining and the temperatures were friendly and I thought I’d show them to you, even though the outfit is not quite appropriate for today. I was dying to wear this sweater, actually, so the rest was not 
that important for me. It was just a casual outfit I wore on a Sunday afternoon. 
Don’t you feel the need to wear something loose and comfortable from time to time? 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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12 November 2013

In Black

Hi, guys!
 Just a quick update for today, cause I’m still at work so I gotta run. 
Have a wonderful evening! 

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11 November 2013

Pink for Diana

Hi, darlings! 
During these last couple of days I realized how fragile life actually is. 
I am and always have been the one who always sees the empty half of the glass. 
But that is only cause I want more from me, from the ones around me, from life. 
As I’ve previously told you, I strongly believe that we must always try to be the best version of ourselves. Looking up to others may be disappointing or deceitful sometimes...
sadly, most of the times. But believing in yourself, staying true to your 
real values and beliefs, working hard for your dream, loving the ones around you,
 being real and sincere may only bring you the best in life. 
Diana Sorescu was exactly this kind of person. 
A wonderful, beautiful and amazing woman, who worked hard for her dream, 
who stayed true to herself no matter what, who loved her friends more than anything, 
who faced life with a big smile on her face. Unfortunately, she left this world far too early, 
without having the chance to finish her wonderful journey. Still, she left us so many
 beautiful memories and so many wonderful words, but way too much sorrow.   
The news of her departure came as a shock to me and all of the people who knew her. 
It’s not fair, but God has His way of settling things. He chooses to take some of the most wonderful people with Him, but I’m sure that’s only cause He has something way more special prepared for them. Take a moment and read the beautiful vanilla words  
Diana used to write and wish her a wonderful journey! 
As for you, guys, remember to love and enjoy life at its best, no matter how hard 
it seems sometimes, because you never know where you’re going to be tomorrow.
 Love yourself, love the ones around you and cherish every insignificant moment 
of your life, cause you have no idea how important it actually is. 
Life is pink, no matter what! If it’s not today, work hard so it would be tomorrow! 
This post is dedicated to Diana. Thank you for teaching us so much in so little time! 
Farewell my dear!  

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10 November 2013

Insta Life

 Colors of Fall
 Sweets for the sweet
From Paris with love

08 November 2013

Golden Fall

Hi, guys! 
I’ve been wearing this mustard yellow cardigan quite a lot, lately and this time 
I’m showing you two ways to dress it up. Ok, one way, actually. The second one is 
just one of my work outfits. I am completely in love with these shoes, not only because they are extremely comfortable, but also because of their special color and design. 
They instantly take any ordinary outfit to another level, don’t you think? 
Have a wonderful day, sweeties! 

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07 November 2013

Isabel Marant pour H&M: The Showroom

Believe it or not, it’s less than a week left until H&M’s latest collaboration 
with the one and only Isabel Marant, will hit stores. On November 14, we will be all lined up in front of H&M B─âneasa Shoppping City and Unirea Shopping Center,
 waiting to get our hands on at least one cool item from this capsule collection. 
I hope you’ve started saving the moment you  first heard the rumor, 
cause there are some items that a true Isabel Marant fan just can’t miss.
 I’m saying this because this collection, as well as the ones before it, are truly designed for the fans. If you love Isabel Marant’s Parisian bohemian aesthetic, you must be very excited right now. Personally, I sighed and sighed over those gorgeous fringe boots Giovanna Battaglia was rocking a few seasons ago at the Fashion Weeks.
 Hopefully, next week I’ll take them home with me! 
Last week I was able to actually see and try on all the pieces and I was extremely impressed by the quality and details of the leather pants. So if you have’em on you wishlist, you should definitely buy them cause they’re worth it. The shoes look better than I expected and the booties are not only cool and chic, but also comfortable. 
There were some other pieces that caught my eye, but I must admit I was 
expecting more from the denim and jewelry department. All in all, it’s a collection 
worth seeing and some pieces worth adding to a true fashionista’s collection. 
Good luck and have fun shopping!

06 November 2013

New Favorite?

Hi, guys! 
Of course it’s a new favorite! On second thoughts, I don’t really know for sure 
if every new H&M Trend addition to my closet is a new favorite,
 or I’m just a shallow, superficial little brat. Stop nodding, cause I’m not! 
I saw a similar neoprene skirt this Fall at the Fashion Weeks. 
Everybody was wearing it, black or royal blue, it rocked the streets like any other
 designer item. Found out eventually that the fab skirt was from &other stories, 
a brand I’m still dreaming of seeing in one of our shopping centers (since they are so many), alongside with Cos. Since they aren’t shipping to Romania and I had no chance of actually entering one of their stores any time soon, I settled down with a long sigh. 
Until that day... I went to the mall to buy a gift for a friend and I saw this beauty. 
Needless to say I was at the cash register within seconds with a big grin on my face. 
Before I got the chance to actually tell somebody about it, 
it flew off the racks so I would say I am one lucky girl! 
Today’s outfit is composed from my favorite pieces at the moment, it’s simple,
 comfortable, but it still has that little thing that catches your eye, doesn’t it? 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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05 November 2013

Perfect Afternoons

Hello, little birdies! 
I can’t believe all of the pictures I posted lately are shot in the exact same place, considering the fact that there are weeks between them. The earlier sunset drives 
me crazy, lately, so I’m grateful for every decent picture I get to take. 
As for the outfit, it’s just something simple I’ve put together on one of those perfect Autumn days with the Sun high up in the sky and 25 degrees in the air. 
I said it was a perfect day, not only because of the weather, but also because 
it was Wednesday, the day I attend the Fashion PR course, held by the fab Ana Bucur 
and Noemi Revnic, two women I absolutely adore and admire from the local fashion industry. I can’t even put into words how excited I am about this course. 
It’s like a front row ticket to the „behind the scenes╦« of the fashion industry! 
Totally different from what we’ve learned in college. 
I can’t wait to tell you more about it! 
Have a wonderful afternoon, guys! 

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