28 February 2013

Silver Cape

Hi, guys! 
I had a terrible day, running all around town filing papers and stuff like that. 
The good thing is that my day was shorter than usual, so I had time to reorganise
 my jewelry. Anywya, we are having the most beautiful weather. It’s still cold, 
but the sun is shining like crazy and I love it! Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and 
I can’t wait to buy the most amazing and colorful tulip bouquet for my mother. 
I love this time of year! Don’t you? 
Have a wonderful afternoon! 

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26 February 2013

Fur collar

Hi, sweeties!
 I just got home from work and I must say I am completely exhausted. 
I have to prepare an event dedicated to Women’s Day, at the salon, and it seems 
like there’s always something new to be done. Anyway, it’s fun and it really feels
 like Spring is here. In our minds and souls that is, cause they’ve
 just announced a blizzard for this week...
As for the outfit, I couldn’t wait to wear this dress again. I was looking for a backless black dress since forever and now that I have it, I want to wear it every day. 
I am totally loving this fur collar I stole from my mom and it really goes perfectly 
with the camel jacket. I’m off to enjoy a bowl full of raspberry. 
It’s Summer already, in my heart, I’m telling you! 
Have a wonderful evening, darlings! 
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25 February 2013

Not Shiny

Hi, guys! 
Finally, a new outfit post...
It has been raining for over a week, now, and I’m literally starting to go crazy.
 I’ve tried to take some outfit pics on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday, but it was absolutely impossible because of the rain and wind. I can’t wait for the Spring to finally arrive.
 The city is full of amazingly colorful tulips, so I guess that is the first sign, right? 
As for this outfit, it’s something very comfortable I wore a few days ago. I am totally obsessed with this handbag, mostly because of its size, that allows me 
to carry my entire house around. Believe me, I’m not wearing anything shiny. 
Not the handbag, not the skirt and especially not the tights, cause I’m the biggest enemy of those shiny lycra tights. It’s all because of the weird lighting and the flash, of course. 
Have a wonderful week, sweeties! 

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22 February 2013

Emerald Green

"Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony."

I had this article ready since January, when I was in the middle of my exams. 
I must admit I am the biggest procrastinator ever. I tend to find all sort of interesting, more important stuff to do when I have to work on my projects or study. This particular one actually is far more interesting and exciting, isn’t it? I did love last year’s Color of the year, Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango, mostly because of its brightness and spirited shade that instantly made you feel happier, lively and dynamic. And I still do, especially cause I’m so looking forward for these pieces to hit stores. 
But...this year’s color really is something special! It’s bold, it’s vivid, it’s simply beautiful! 
You already know that I absolutely adore green, especially emerald green.
 Ever since my mother used to buy those bright green velvet, silk or lace dresses for me, because she thought they’re a perfect match for my eyes and sent me to kindergarten, making my fellow classmates envy me, I knew that was my color. I knew it then and I know it now, but unfortunately beautiful green clothes are so hard to find in stores these days, aren’t they? That was until this year, of course. Of course, not every single shade of green is the same. I absolutely adored last year’s trend obsession with mint and olive/ army green. I’m not the biggest fan of dark/forest green, though. But Emerald Green is THE color. The perfect shade. It inspires elegance, sophistication and luxury. It is the color of beauty, the color of life and prosperity. It is the color of every beautiful woman.

On the runways, Emerald Green was seen for 2013’s spring-summer collections at 






If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of these fabulous necklaces, you must be happy. You have to be! I know I would!

 Anna dello Russo for H&M




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