30 December 2013

Is it Spring yet?

Good morning, darlings! 
One more day and this year is officially over. Are you excited? 
I hope it was a good one for you...we are going to talk about mine, tomorrow. 
Until then, we are enjoying a beautiful Spring like weather, which led me to believe this outfit would be a good idea. It was, cause I just couldn’t wait to wear my first 
sale find, but I must admit that I froze a little when we took the pictures. 
You remember the dress, of course, and I’m glad that you do cause 
this year is going to be all about THE dress, so stay tuned. 
As for the jacket, don’t you just feel like the luckiest woman alive when you 
manage to find a piece you had your eyes on for a long time, at half the price? 
You just gotta love sales. Speaking of which, don’t spend all your money 
for this NYE, cause the sales are starting on January 3rd. 
Have fun, darlings! 

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24 December 2013

Goofing Around

Good morning, guys! 
The thing is...no matter how low the temperature drops, 
I refuse to wear something appropriate. That wouldn’t be a problem for me, 
if I didn’t have to pose in the middle of the street. Where it’s cold...and windy, and cold, and...well...Winter. So, what is there left to do than jump around and swirl?! 
Nothing, of course...cause we must never forget about our inner child, especially now, during Christmas. Speaking of which, I hope you’ve been good this year. 
Santa is on its way, you know! 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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19 December 2013

Working Girl

Hi, sweeties!
 I am living in a totally chaotic city...traffic jams, hours spent in traffic, n
o parking lots at the mall, no parking lots at the supermarkets... 
The world has gone crazy! But, I’m confident that it will be all over soon, 
cause everyone is preparing for the holidays. So the city will be all empty, happy me! 
As for the outfit, this is what I wore to work the other day. 
I had a coat, of course, but it somehow manages not to leave the backseat of my car. 
Have a wonderful evening, darlings! 

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17 December 2013

ALYA Accessories Giveaway

Hi, sweeties! 
The second giveaway is on, starting now. 
This time, I teamed up with the lovely Ana from My fashion tale to offer you, 
guys, this beautiful necklace courtesy of ALYA accessories
In order to participate, all you have to do is like ALYA accessories official Facebook page
So, if you want to spice-up your winter outfits, just leave me a comment
 on this post with your full name and e-mail address. 
Double chances to win if you share the post with this giveaway, on Facebook. 
But don’t forget to let me know that you did, in the comment you leave here. 
Good luck, guys! 

Frozen Ballerina

Hi, guys! 
Just a quick post for now, featuring the outfit I wore on Sunday. 
Comfy and chic, totally not appropriate for this weather, but you know me.
 I developed an obsession for this skirt, but I guess you can understand why. 
As you probably expect, the second giveaway is coming in a few seconds. 
I’ve already announced the winner of the Isabel Marant pour H&M scarf, so, 
Ella, if you’re reading this post, please send me an email. 
Have a wonderful afternoon, darlings! 

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13 December 2013

La Strada Haute Couture

Hello, guys!
 I was surprised the other day with a lovely gift from La Strada
Sure, I know and love their ice cream, so I was more than happy. 
Until I saw these beauties. Then, I went from happy to thrilled and you can 
easily understand why. Sure, everybody loves ice cream, but seriously, how crazy you used to go, as a child, when you saw an ice cream cake?! It was like a fairytale, 
ice cream and cake in the same sentence. But these ice cream cakes are even more...
 they are Haute Couture. A mix of fabulous flavors with a mesmerizing design. 
You can either choose to escape in Paris and indulge your senses into luxurious flavors 
of Champagne, Raspberry and Blackcurrant...or Milan with a sweet mix of Apricot and Honey. If you want to feel the Christmas spirit, choose London and spoil yourself with fine selections of coffee, cinnamon and chocolate. Choose the outfit you’d like to wear through your journey inspired by the flavors and start dreaming. 
But don’t forget to share, cause Christmas is all about sharing and what better gift for your loved ones than these sweet little jewels?! I’ve already shared one with my boyfriend and I bet my mother would appreciate a virtual trip to Paris at diner. 
Happy Chic Holidays, darlings! 

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10 December 2013

School Girl

Good morning, darlings! 
Here I am, back with a new outfit post. 
Surely, you remember my last full Motivi look. 
I liked their new collection so much that I returned to their store for a new outfit. 
This mini skirt caught my eye first. You know I love skirts and this particular one 
won me with its cut and fabric. The moment I’ve put it on, it took me back a few years....
well, more than a few, actually...I felt like a school-girl, again. 
I added this beautiful embellished sweater, curled my hair just a little and I was looking quite like the girl you wanna take home to your mother. Well...I know that we must behave in order for Santa not to forget about us, this Christmas, but we can’t play nice all the way, can we?! Life would be way too boring. So, I decided to add the over the knee boots and the black leather gloves to toughen up the look just a bit.   
As I was telling you before, the new Motivi collection fits every style and need, 
from casual to elegant pieces, from leather to wool, flirty dresses or chic jackets, 
so it’s impossible not to find something you love. As for the coat, you just gotta love a piece that goes perfectly with everything else from your wardrobe. Practical and chic. 
Do check their website to see the entire collection and the Official Motivi Facebook 
to stay in touch with their newest updates. 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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09 December 2013

Isabel Marant pour H&M scarf GIVEAWAY

Hi, guys! 
I’m so so sorry for my absence, but things have been hectic in my life, lately. 
I’m doing my best to get back on track and I’m going to do that starting tomorrow, 
with a new outfit post. Until then, I have a surprise for you. 
Because it’s December, the most special and beautiful month of the year, 
the month when we learn to be better, to forgive and to be generous. What am I saying?! 
We all love December, because of the presents. That’s why I have planned a series of three giveaways especially for you, guys. Every single week until Christmas you have the chance to win something. What exactly?! Something for Winter, 
something for the Christmas Day and something for the New Year’s Eve. 
My first present for you, guys, is an Isabel Marant pour H&M scarf. 
People went crazy when this collection hit stores, so most of us haven’t even caught a glimpse of the items. This is your chance to win your piece. This scarf will keep 
you warm during Winter and still give you that Parisian chic vibe. 
All you have to do is like My silk fairytale on Facebook and leave a comment on this post. 
The winner will be announced on Friday! 
Unfortunately, the giveaway is for Romania, only. Sorry, guys! 
Have a wonderful evening! 

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