28 November 2011

Second Thoughts

Hi, guys! 
Lately, taking pictures of my outfits has become quite a challenge. 
Because of the bright sun (in the morning) and the lack of it (when I, usually, arrive home) 
it’s impossible for me to take any clear outfit pics. That’s why today’s outfit shoot 
took place indoors. I’m very sorry, but I’m doing my best, believe me! 
About the outfit...do you remember what I’ve said when I first wore these pants? 
That I don’t see them worn with ankle-boots or boots. 
Well, here I am, wearing them with ankle boots. Next step: boots! 
A challenge is good, once in a while, don’t you think?
I hope you’ll have a wonderful week! 

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25 November 2011


Hi, sweeties! 
Again, just a quick update for today. 
This is just something I threw on in a hurry, yesterday. 
You must be really bored of this coat by now, but I really love it and 
I tend to mix it will almost everything, lately. 
Sorry about my serious face in these pics, but I was up since 6 a.m., I was extremely tired and cold and taking pictures was the last thing on my mind. Sorry, again! 
Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it! 

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24 November 2011

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade !

Hi, guys! 
Just a quick update for today. 
This is what I wore a few days ago. 
I wore a jacket, too, of course, but I don’t find it relevant for the outfit. 
Anyway, I hope you’ll like it! 
Have a wonderful day! 

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22 November 2011

The very best....

Good morning, guys! 
First of all, as I promised yesterday, today I’ll show you 
what I bought from the Versace for H&M collection. 
Although I wasn’t very excited about this collaboration, there were two items 
I wanted to get: the leather dress and these ankle boots. 
I haven’t even seen the dress inside the shop, so I had to settle with the ankle-boots.
To my surprise, they actually look very good in reality, 
with that hot and sexy vibe representative for the House of Versace.
Although this outfit doesn’t let them shine at their best, I was so excited to wear them,
that I took them for a stroll yesterday. I can’t wait to match them with 
my leather skirt and...with the dress I’m planning to wear on New Year’s Eve. 
Secondly, I want to tell you a few things about this gorgeous pearl necklace I’m wearing. It’s from Cassia, an online store that sells jewelry made exclusively 
from natural gemstones such as agate, amethyst, onyx, cultured pearls,
coral, turquoise and much more. Whether we’re talking about necklaces, 
bracelets or silver earrings, the Cassia jewelry are very unique
and can be worn on different occasions. 
I chose this pearl necklace because you know I like
simplicity and elegance and I absolutely love the fact that I can match it 
with almost everything I wear, from elegant outfits, to something more casual. 
I hope you’ll like it! 
Have a wonderful day, sweeties! 

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21 November 2011

The White Suit

Hi, sweeties! 
To be honest, I think I’ve wanted to wear a white suit since I was a little girl. 
My mother is a very elegant woman and seeing her looking so lady-like
in her beautiful suits, made me dream about the moment I’ll be able to wear one. 
I chose white because it has always been my favorite color! 
Although my preferences changed through time, 
white always remained on my favorite list. 
Still, during summer, when I finally had the pieces to put it together, it totally slipped 
my mind. But a few days ago, browsing through this season’s trends, I saw it. 
The suit and especially the white version of it was very popular on the runway. 
So here I am! A popular quote says that streets are our runways, so...run wild! 
It’s winter, there are like 2 degrees outside and I’m wearing a white suit!
Tomorrow I’ll show you what I bought from the 
Versace for H&M collection, so stay tuned! 
Have a wonderful week, guys!

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18 November 2011

Leather and Suede

Hi, guys! 
I shot these pics just a few moments ago, before I ran out the door. 
I’m going to an indoor event/ meeting so that’s why I’m dressed so...light. 
I was going for something business elegant, but I didn’t wanna look 
very formal and common, so I opted for leather. Suede and leather, to be more exact!
I kept it all simple with a white shirt, spiced it up with a 
statement necklace and I was ready!
I was looking for a leather skirt since forever and now I finally found it! 
Can’t wait to wear it with something more daring! 
Anyway, I hope you’ll like this outfit! 
Have a wonderful weekend, sweeties, and thank you so much for 
being here every day! It means the world to me! 

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17 November 2011


Hi, sweeties! 
The color of this maxi reminds me of my favorite Nars lipstick shade, 
Schiap, so that’s why I chose this title. 
About two months ago, Manuela hosted a giveaway featuring this fabulous skirt.
I participated for the first time in my life and...I won. 
I loved this skirt ever since I saw it on her, so you can imagine my excitement.   
Doesn’t it remind you of this spring’s Jil Sander collection?   
That’s why I chose the exact type of tee for my first outfit with it, but since it’s not spring, 
I had to wear a jacket so I chose to toughen up the feminine lines of the skirt 
with a leather jacket and biker boots. 
This is what I wore today, by the way, and no, I wasn’t cold! 
Have a great evening, guys! 

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14 November 2011

Blend In

Hi, guys! 
Just a quick update for today,
cause I have a ton of things to do and a thousand places to go. 
I hope you’ll have a wonderful week! 

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10 November 2011

Animal Print Accents

Hi, sweeties! 
As surprising as it may seem, this is what I wore yesterday morning, 
before going to the park. You’ll see the outfit I wore in the park later this week. 
Just as I said yesterday, the temperatures dropped and now we’re facing a cold autumn rain. There’s nothing I hate more, but then again,
it’s November, so we’ll have to get used to it. 
I hope you’ll have a wonderful day! 

09 November 2011

A beautiful day

Hi, guys! 
Just a quick update for today.
I think this is the most beautiful day I’ve ever experienced in the middle of November, 
so I’m taking Bijou for a walk in the park. 
I’m determined to enjoy this...apparently, last warm day of autumn, at its best,
since the weather man announced negative temperatures for the upcoming week. 
About the outfit, this is what I wore yesterday, I hope you’ll like it! 
Have a wonderful day! 

07 November 2011

This time it's over...

Good morning, sweeties!
Well, this will probably be my last summer-ish outfit. 
The weather started getting colder, so I’ll have to start dressing-up accordingly. 
About the outfit, this is what I wore last week. I was dying to wear my silver blazer again and since I’ve always loved the gray-blue color combo, I figured I might as well try it. 
I hope you’ll like it! 
Have a wonderful week! 

06 November 2011

Dancing with the wind

Good morning, guys!
I have to say that this is one of my favorite outfits I wore lately. 
As I already told you before, I’m completely in love with this skirt, so I love it in every single combination possible. But this time, I really enjoyed wearing it! 
The warm weather, the light breeze and the fact that I was wearing the most comfortable wedges I own, almost made me feel like dancing instead of walking.
I wish you a wonderful Sunday!

04 November 2011

Lipstick Jungle

Good morning, sweeties! 
Just  a quick post for today to wish you a wonderful and sunny weekend! 
Thank you so much for being here everyday, for your support and for your wonderful 
comments. It means a lot to me!

03 November 2011

Anastasia Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes Review

Although I'm not much into make-up, one of the reasons being the fact that I have
absolutely no skills when it comes to it, there are two things that I can't live without:
the eyeliner and the eyebrow powder.
Until recently, I used an eyebrow pencil to define my eyebrows, but
(mostly because of my lack of skill) I wasn't very satisfied with the result.
Just when I decided I need to find myself an eyebrow powder that would be easier to apply, I received the opportunity to try the Beauty Express Kit from Anastasia.
I've already told you a few things about Anastasia here, but now I'll share with you, guys,
my experience with one of her products.

I fell in love with this portable brow maintenance kit the moment I first saw it,
because of the elegant burgundy case.
Plus, it's very compact, so you can carry it in your bag for small retouches
during the day, or when you're traveling.

The kit has an incorporated mirror and it includes Brow wax
(this is perfect for those of you whose eyebrows just don't want to stay in place, like yours truly), Brow Powder (two shades that you can mix or use separately),
Eye shadow (two shades, to enhance brow bone, lids and inner corners of eyes),
Stencils (very useful, the process becomes very easy) and an Angled Brush,
which is perfect, because the brow powder is applied perfectly even without any effort.
In addition, you receive step by step instructions for use in English and French,
straight from Anastasia.

I've been using this kit for a week, now, and I must admit that I'm addicted to it.
 It's very easy to use and the final result is very natural.
It remains perfect during the entire day and it's very easy to remove
with any normal cleansing product.
I recommend the Anastasia Beauty Express Kit for Brows and Eyes with all my heart!

Also, look for current beauty coupons for possible savings.

  This is a sponsored post
All opinions are 100% mine

02 November 2011

Casual Wear

Hi, guys! 
I, honestly, can’t believe I was able to wear this outfit in November.
At first, I wanted to wear tights, but just before I got out
the door I decided to go bare legged. 
I love this weather, it’s probably the warmest autumn I ever experienced...
since I pay attention to dressing up, that is. I’m pretty sure that when I was a kid, 
I was counting the days till the first snow, in November, and not thinking 
whether I should chose a leather jacket or a blazer. 
I hope you’ll have a wonderful and sunny day! 

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