31 March 2014

Fairytale Gone Bad

Good morning, darlings! 
These midi full skirts have become my number one go-to-piece. 
Well, pieces, actually, since I have’em in...let’s say more than one color, 
I don’t want to freak you out. You’ve already noticed that I absolutely love blue, but 
when it comes to this skirt, I can’t seem to decide between all the wonderful colors. 
I wore this outfit a few days ago when I had tons of errands to run and places to go to, 
so I chose this rock chic approach. Comfy shoes, a leather jacket and a small clutch to be able to run free through the city. Why am I saying that?! Cause every single time I have
 a larger handbag, I’m under the impression that I carry my whole house with me. 
Have a wonderful week, darlings! 

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28 March 2014

This Spring...

Good morning, sweeties! 
This Spring is...beautiful, and warm and most importantly, it’s covered in good news. 
As you already know, Massimo Dutti opened its virtual gates for Romania last week.
 I had the chance to shop online before the official lunch, so my order already arrived. 
I can’t wait to show you what I got, but you can already see in this post my new combined leather and snakeskin bracelet. I totally love it and I somehow have the tendency to incorporate it in every single one of my outfits, lately. 
Enjoy this weekend and get ready for one more exciting new...top secret information. 
Just kidding, it’s a mutual joy! Very soon! 

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27 March 2014

H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection

Haven’t I told you that this Spring is going to be great?! 
I was blown away by this Spring’s H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection. 
We are all aware of H&M initiative for a more sustainable fashion future. 
This year’s novelty comes from the usage of two new fabrics: ecological leather and silk. The Conscious Exclusive Collection was created by H&M in collaboration with 
Ever Manifesto – a group of sustainable fashion and design experts. 
Along them, Amber Veletta , supermodel and actress, joined the campaign as an enthusiastic upholder of a more sustainable fashion future. 
Conscious Exclusive is a limited edition collection created from high-quality fabrics, 
with details inspired by the bohemian and flamenco style. The collection will be available in 150 selected stored worldwide and online, starting April 10th
What’s on your shopping list?






24 March 2014

Ciao, Bella!

Hi, darlings! 
We’re starting fresh with a new beautiful sunny Spring day and an appropriate outfit 
on the blog. People there in front of the big map are saying that it’s going to get colder 
by the day, but who listens to them?! I have to make it up to you for my absence,
 so except if a flood is coming, you will be seeing me here with new outfit posts. 
I just couldn’t wait to wear this dress! We had 25 degrees on Friday, so it was the 
perfect occasion. I felt like I was in Italy, back in the days when women wore dresses 
with just the right amount of sexiness. We only see short...short...short shorts nowadays. They’re comfy and cool and all, but it’s like we lost our femininity...
As for this dress, I think it looks kinda pretty with the pink details, but I can’t wait 
to wear it again. Yellow is on my mind and a new hairstyle. 
Hmm...more to come, darlings, more to come! 
Until then, you can buy the dress here
Have a wonderful and sunny week! 
With love, 

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21 March 2014

Powdery Pink Ballerina Skirt

Good morning, darlings! 
Raise your hand if you dreamed about the perfect powdery pink ballerina skirt
I sure did, so I couldn’t be more excited to wear my new beauty! 
That excited that I decided to wear it on one of these windy days. 
The pictures haven’t turned out exactly as I wanted them to, but it was fun anyway.
 I absolutely adore pastels this Spring! It’s impossible not to! 
Have a wonderful and sunny weekend darlings!
 I’m going out for a new shooting, today! 

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20 March 2014


Hello, darlings!
 I am more than grateful for these wonderful temperatures, but the wind is driving 
me crazy. Don’t get me wrong...I understand that we’re still in March, but God, 
please stop this stubborn wind. It takes away all the beauty...What am I saying?! 
I still love this time of year. At least for the fact that I can easily mix light jackets or sweaters with sandals, bare legs with midi skirts and over the knee boots with mini pleated full skirts. And these are just the girly, superficial arguments. 
What about the wonderful flowers? What about the blooming trees? 
What about....my happy little dog? He loves this weather, probably even more than 
he likes snow. And believe me...he loves loves loves snow! 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! I’m going out for a walk and I have 
a big bouquet of pink hyacinths on my shopping list! 

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19 March 2014

Fashion for Business

Haven’t I told you that this Spring is going to be great?! Of course I did! 
I keep telling this constantly to everyone who in their 20’s or early 30’s feel that they’re so far ahead in their knowledge that they are able to give advices and share their „wisdomˮ. Life is a permanent learning journey. I have quite a few years behind me, but I can honestly say that I...know nothing. 
Don’t freak out, right now, I am not that dumb, but there is no field where I feel that I’ve learned everything there is to be learned. I turn red as a radish when so many of you ask me for styling advices. 
I have so much more to learn, darlings... 
That’s why I’m beyond excited to tell you about the Fashion for Business Event organized by BizForum. We are all strong, independent women who know just how important the way we look is, even in the business field. I had the chance to meet so many wonderful women through this blog from all the business fields, and they all said the same thing: I have an image to maintain. I want to be stylish and chic, but still maintain the serious and professional appearance. How can I do that without looking too dull? 
Believe me, darlings, I want to know that, too! So that’s why I will be attending the Fashion For Business Event, as an official blogger. I want to learn how to create and promote my personal brand by showing confidence and professionalism, without concealing my own personal style. 

The Fashion for Business Event will take place on March 27th at the 
Howard Johnson Hotel in Bucharest. 

The first session is about The Power of Image in Business. Teodora Migdalovici (founder of The Alternative School of Creative Thinking), Andreia Urzica (PR Manager H&M România), Raluca Kisescu (Senior Manager Commercial Marketing Avon România, Mirela Bucovicean (founder of Molecule-F) and Ana Maria Luiz Hudea (Country Manager Vicomte A. For România) will tell us all the secrets behind business in style and how a great imagine helps you create a strong personal brand. 
The second session is called Fashion Up 4 Business! Maurice Munteanu (Fashion Editor Elle România), Lena Criveanu (designer), Ana Morodan (Personal Style Adviser and Fashion Blogger), 
Mihai Irimia and Andrei Calagiu (MenStyleGuide.com coordinators) will tell us how to build our professional image by incorporating our personal style. 
Last, but the most important, at the end of the sessions we have two workshops:  
Dress to Success and Make-up 4 Business powered by Avon
I chose the first one, of course! Which one will you choose? 
Hurry up and sign up here. Believe me, you won’t regret it! 
For more information, visit the official site or send an email at gabriela.matei@revistabiz.ro

18 March 2014

Forest Green

Rise and shine, darlings! 
This is another outfit I wore to work last week. 
This color is definitely my favorite from the new Spring fabrics. The most perfect shade of forest green I have ever seen, such a pity the pictures don’t show its true beauty. 
I love this time of year, but you already know that, cause I probably drove you crazy with this sentence, lately. But it’s true! Taking pictures is not a „run for your lifeˮ race anymore. It feels wonderful to walk around the city, especially when you’re surrounded by so much beauty. The old architecture, the pavement and even the trees...tell stories. 
Stories about long lost wonderful periods of time. Times when the ladies wore long dresses and gloves, silk lingerie and prided themselves with their pure white complexion. 
I saw such a lady when we took these pics. She had that classy elegance we only see in Paris...Seeing us admiring and taking pictures in front of the wooden door, made her tell us how much more beautiful that door was back in the days. Before some parts of it were stolen. I’ve always wondered...how does this society look like for these people? How do they find it in their hearts to forgive and move on and actually, stay here in this country?! 
Oh, well, that’s another story... 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 
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