30 August 2013

Let Your Hair Down

Good morning, sweeties! 
This post is a manifesto...well, sort of!
 I’ve always thought that every woman is more beautiful with her hair down, just as I think that every person looks better with a tan. A woman’s hairstyle is an important part of her look. Personally, I tend to avoid updos, unless I have no other choice. 
I won’t deny that I’m pretty sure that this outfit would have looked better 
with my hair up in a pony tail, but still. 
About today’s look, this has been my „go-toˮ outfit this Summer. 
These ankle-boots are simply amazing, they are very versatile and more importantly,
 extremely comfortable! The combo between the high-waisted skirt and these fun crops
 was a safe choice for me this Summer, when I simply had no idea what to wear. 
As for the pictures, I was so close to come home without the hair I was talking about earlier, 
simply because the light just didn’t want to work for me. In the end, we managed to find 
this pretty little block of flats, that I instantly fell in love with. 
I was like Carrie - „Hello! I live here!ˮ 
Have a wonderful and sunny weekend, darlings! 
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28 August 2013

Business Lady

Good morning, sweeties!
 This jumpsuit has quite a story behind it... An annoying one, but with a happy end.
After buying it the first time without trying it on and seeing myself swimming in a black and white...sack, at home, went back to change it, failed in finding another one in my size, 
went to every single Zara store in town, changed it to something else, just to find it again the next day. This time with a better fit! I never understood how is it possible for a woman not to know the size she’s wearing. Why try to fit in an XS, when you’re definitely an M?! Often, through the years, I couldn’t buy a piece just because it was loosened up, or even worse, torn apart. 
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging from my comfy seat! 
I always buy M for the upper pieces, just cause I think it fits me better. 
No one wants to look like the Michelin man, seriously! 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 
What’s with the weather, though?! 

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27 August 2013

Insta Life

Going on a trip
 Choices, choices
Soft tones
 Nothing but the best

26 August 2013


Hi, guys! 
Well...today, I couldn’t be happier! 
I bought a new lens this weekend and my first pictures with it turned out great. 
Especially since it was our first attempt. Plus, I had so much fun during the shooting...
I’m telling you, there’s something about that Square. It instantly brightens up your mood! 
Plus, I finally received this wonderful top and I couldn’t wait to wear it. 
You’ve already seen it on so many beautiful bloggers, but I honestly think it’s impossible 
to get bored of it! You can find it here, along with many other great pieces. 
Have a wonderful week, darlings! 

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23 August 2013

Casual Mix

Good morning, guys!
 This is what I wore on Sunday. You’ve already seen a preview on 
Facebook and Instagram and finally, here are the details. 
This blazer is one of those pieces you fell in love with from the first moment.
 It happened to me, as well, but somehow I wasn’t quite convinced to actually buy it this Spring. But, it went home with me a few weeks ago, at half the price. I must admit I was quite lucky this season: I managed to find some great pieces on sale. 
A post on this subject is coming soon, by the way. 
Have a wonderful weekend! 

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20 August 2013

Sunday Stroll

Hi, darlings! 
I’m finally back with a new outfit post. I took these pictures on Sunday, 
on one of those warm and sunny mornings...those mornings you just want to spend on a picnic or something. Instead, I took my heels and my...lingerie looking dress and went for a stroll in the city. 
I fell in love with this dress after seeing it on a H&M store manager. 
After complimenting each other’s outfits, I requested her to show me where I can find this beauty. 
Love its color and the fabric feels amazing against the skin, but I have a dilemma: 
what’s the deal with the „no ironˮ warning on the caring instructions?! 
After seeing it on, I can only say one thing: I’m sure as hell that it needs ironing! 
Have a wonderful week, guys! 

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15 August 2013

Hot Summer Days

Good morning, darlings! 
Don’t you just love those long hot Summer days?! 
There’s something about these August afternoons that I absolutely adore. 
The warmth of the Sun, the bright rays of sunshine, the feeling of freedom and the illusion that you don’t have a single care in the world. Feels like a permanent holiday and I, 
for one, would give anything to enjoy this feeling away from the city, on a beach, somewhere. Oh, well...I hope you guys are enjoying this short vacay at its best! 
In other terms, go check out H&M’s latest Trend Collection, 
they have like the best basic pieces! 

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13 August 2013


Hello darlings! 
I chose this word as a title because I think it perfectly sums up everything 
this outfit inspires. To me, of course. We all know how „perfectˮ a little black dress is,
 but what about a white one? Through time, some failed experiments and my mother’s objective comments, I understood that black is not exactly my color, so I, for one,
 I’m not one of those women who consider black as a life saver. 
During Summer, I absolutely adore white dresses! They are so pure, so romantic, 
so graceful and...so hard to find. Fortunately, this was a golden year for me in terms 
of dress shopping. This little Marilyn dress is one of my latest purchases and a personal favorite! Although I had in mind a more delicate approach for my first outfit with it,
 I chose something a little different instead. 
A little out of the ordinary, but I think the result is quite nice: 
animal print, studs, gold accessories and the main piece: the Red Alert bag! 
Have a wonderful day, guys! 

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11 August 2013


Hi, sweeties! 
After three days of complete relaxation I came home to a...shorter day. 
Imagine my surprise when I saw that it’s already getting dark at 8 pm. 
I am not ready to say goodbye to Summer yet! For me, it’s just getting started. 
I have tons of new dresses to show you and tons of new combos to try. 
As for this one, I fell in love with it simply because of its loose cut and low-back. 
Nothing else really mattered, that’s why I bought it in burgundy and black, also. 
This particular one looks great against my new tan, in reality, but it kinda makes me look orange in the pictures. We had the worst light that day, so we couldn’t take any better pictures,  but don’t worry, I’ll be wearing it very soon, again. 
Also, meet my new favorite sandals and bag! Love at first sight! 
Have a wonderful Sunday, darlings! Kisses

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09 August 2013


Hi, guys! 
Although it’s been a while since I returned home, I’m still in that holiday mood. 
It’s not that visible from the pics, but I came home roasted, not tanned. 
Since I absolutely adore Summer with its heat and I would give anything to live at the seaside, I enjoyed every ray of sunshine at its full potential.
 I returned home wearing something super simple and casual, of course.
 As I was telling you a while ago on Instagram, I took a risk buying these shorts,
 since they were not quite my cup of tea, but I fell in love with them completely after wearing them for the first time. Same goes for the earrings, of course. 
Have a wonderful weekend, darlings!

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02 August 2013

Blend In

Good morning, guys!
 I’m off to the seaside in a few moments. 
It was one of those decisions you make without putting too much thought into it.
 I took the decision last night, spent have the night getting ready and after just four 
hours of sleep, I’m ready to hit the road. This is a premiere for me, since I’m one 
of those people who live according to well defined plans. 
As for my outfit, I bought this jumpsuit on sale and I must say it was a great deal. 
Don’t you just love it when you find a great piece and it’s on sale, also? 
I don’t even remember seeing it in stores this Spring. I absolutely adore jumpsuits, 
but unfortunately it’s quite hard to find one perfect for my body type.
 I think this one meets the standards. 
Have a wonderful weekend, darlings!

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