31 October 2011

27 October 2011

Fall into my color block

Hi, sweeties! 
I’m in a big hurry right now so I’ll just make a quick post.
I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the color block trend so I decided to mix and match some of the new additions to my closet in order to create another 
color block outfit, fall edition, this time. 
I hope you’ll like it as much as I did! 
I wish you a wonderful and sunny autumn afternoon!

24 October 2011

Matchy Matchy

Hi, guys! 
I know, I know...you’ve seen this maxi one time too many, lately.
I took advantage of the warm days we had last week 
and wore it for the last time, this year.
I fell in love with this skirt the moment I saw it, but unfortunately 
I didn’t have the chance to wear it during summer or beginning of autumn because of the high temperatures we had. I promise this will be the last post with it! 
Sorry for my short posts, but lately, my free time is very limited,
so taking pictures of the outfits I wear daily has become quite a challenge. 
But I promise I’ll do my best to keep you updated! 
Have a wonderful week, sweeties! 

19 October 2011

I’m on fire

Hi, guys!
The weather outside is absolutely fabulous.
I wish I had more time to enjoy it at its best, but I promise tomorrow I’ll go 
for a walk in the park. I have a new maxi that I can’t wait to wear and 
that is the perfect occasion to make its debut.
About today’s outfit...I’ve been looking for a pair of red pants since forever, 
but I haven’t managed to find the right pair. Just when  I got used to the idea that red pants are not for me, I saw this pair at New Yorker. 
I wanted a pair of red pants and it was even better if they came in leather, so I was very excited. Well, not that excited, because my size was sold out. 
Finally, I managed to find them...in another city, about 100 km away from Bucharest, but it was all worth it! They entered my closet at the beginning of September, but the weather was to hot to wear leather pants, until now.
No worries, you’ll be seeing them a lot this winter! 
Have a wonderful day, sweeties!

17 October 2011

Green Maxi

Hi, guys!
I know...another day, another outfit post, a striped piece again, 
a maxi skirt again and that rock chic vibe yet...again. 
I don’t know about you, guys, but when I like something I tend to wear it
over and over again until I find something else to obsess about. 
See the color block trend, for example. At first, I wouldn’t have thought I would 
embrace it, but I ended up wearing it all summer long. 
Anyway, I’m on a run so I wish you, guys, a wonderful week! 

14 October 2011

Purple Haze

Today has been the most perfect autumn today. 
It was very warm and sunny, so I had the chance to wear my silk purple dress 
for the last time, this year. I’ve already told you that I developed an obsession on this purple-white combo, so I was very anxious to create another outfit with it. 
I hope you’ll like it! 
I wish you a wonderful weekend!

13 October 2011

Let’s get down to business

Hi, sweeties! 
Just a quick update for today. 
This is just something very, very simple I wore the other day. 
Actually, I was just looking for a reason to wear my Miu Miu’s again, 
for the last time, this year. 

You already know I’m a big fan of these simple, classic combos, 
but this time I really felt like a business lady dressed like that.
Since the shoes were the central piece of the outfit, I decided to keep everything else very simple, but I added the clutch for a touch of color. 
I love this clutch, I would wear it every day if I could! Well, sometimes I am! 
Anyway, have a wonderful day! 
And thank you so much for your wonderful words and support on yesterday’s post! 

12 October 2011

In October we wear pink !

Hi, guys! 
Since October is the official breast cancer awareness month, 
I decided to incorporate pink in some of the outfits
I’m wearing this month, in order to draw attention on the importance of
getting a clinical breast exam at least once a year. A few minutes spent doing this routine exam could mean the chance to live a normal, healthy and happy life. 
On a global scale, for Romanian women, breast cancer is the second highest cause of death due to cancers. So join me and let’s draw attention to the importance of prevention and detecting breast cancer! Help them remain the women you love! 
 For more information, click here or here, for my Romanian readers. 
About this outfit, I think some of you remember this outfit post
I loved this look during summer and I was very anxious to transform it into a more autumnal one. So here, goes! I changed only a few pieces and I was ready to face the 15 degrees we had, yesterday. What do you think? 
Have a great day, sweeties! 

11 October 2011

Make your choice

Hi, guys! 
This outfit was supposed to look a little different, but since even I got tired of the 
color block trend, I decided to go for a white, simple blazer instead of the green one, I picked up first. Has this happened to you? 
You think of an outfit, you’re excited and you feel good wearing it, 
but when you see the pics with it, you’re quite disappointed of some of your choices. Whether is the absence of a statement necklace or too much jewelry, 
the wrong pair of shoes or the wrong choice of a handbag, instead of a clutch or even...
I don’t know...the wrong mix of clothing pieces, colors or textures. 
Seriously, don’t you hate those moments? 
I have an entire collection of this kind of outfits. Maybe I’ll show them to you, guys, sometimes, if I’ll find the courage. I was just kidding, they’re not that bad...I think...
Well, I think the fact that I enjoyed wearing them is the most important! 
About me, I think I’m getting down with a cold. 
Since this sudden change of temperature, I’ve been feeling very weak and frail. 
So excuse my face and posture in some of these and future outfit pics. 
I’m trying to keep you updated as good as I can!
About this particular outfit, I have to say that this must be the first time I’m wearing a blazer without rolling up its sleeves and now I understand why I haven’t done this before. 
The cold outside was my excuse, this time. I promise it will be my last!
We live and learn, guys, that’s the truth! 
Have a wonderful day!

10 October 2011

Green Hours

Good morning, sweeties! 
Just a quick update for today. 
I just wanted to wish you a wonderful week and to thank you for your 
wonderful comments on yesterday’s post. 
Thank you so much! It means a lot!

09 October 2011

Pinky Swear

Hi, sweeties! 
I, honestly, can’t believe this is what I was wearing yesterday. 
What started  as a warm autumn day, ended up with only 14 degrees in the thermometers and a cold rain. The good news is that, apparently, the weather is 
getting a little warmer starting tomorrow, so there’s no need to panic yet. 
Since we had 30 degrees until now, so our outfits were still very summer-ish, 
I’m determined to make the most out of these last few weeks of October and wear something more appropriate for the fall season.
I’m not ready to jump to coats, boots and chunky sweaters, just yet. 
We’ll have months and months of cold weather for that! 
For me, it’s still autumn...bare legs, light jackets, this is what I’m planning to wear. 
I wish you a wonderful Sunday! 

07 October 2011

All eyes on M...iu!

Hi, guys! 
Well...the story behind this outfit is quite simple. 
You know those days when you wake up in a bad mood and everything happening 
next seems to reassure you that you are going to have a really bad day? 
Well, yesterday was one of those days. 
All I wanted to do was stay at home, but since we can’t always do what we want, 
I had to put myself together and figure out what to wear. The thing is that, most of the time, these bad days always come with a bad-hair, bad-face, „nothing looks good on meˮ kinda mood, so things were a little difficult than I expected. 
In the end, I ended up throwing this boyfriend shirt and these ripped jeans on and I was good to go. Luckily, on my way to the door, I spotted these
killer heels I wore one day before. 
Remember that sequence when on New Year’s Eve, Carrie throws on a fur, a glittery beanie and some fabulous heels to go with...her pj?! Well...I kinda felt like that! 
These heels saved me from looking too floppy and brightened up my day a little. Well...that’s not entirely true cause, at the end of the day, my feet were screaming in pain. 
I must say that these are definitely the most uncomfortable heels I own! 
Have a wonderful weekend, sweeties! 

06 October 2011


Hi, guys! 
I’m really not myself today... 
I don’t know what happened, but this is definitely not one of my best days. 
Anyway, lately  I became obsessed with mixing purple and white.
I feel like I’ve just discovered this color combo and it’s my favorite, ever.  
 Well, that’s not entirely the true story of this outfit. Actually, I just wanted to wear something comfortable and simple and, since I’m extremely excited about my Asos cuff bracelets, I plan my outfits starting from them, lately. 
So, today’s outfit is focused on the gold accessories. 
I know, the title is kinda funny...it’s a wordplay between my hairdo and the 
gold theme of the outfit. I hope you’ll like it!
I wish you a far better day than mine is! 

05 October 2011

Fall Tones

Hi, guys! 
It’s incredible how amazing the weather is, here. 
It’s the perfect time of year to mix and match summer and fall pieces. 
Flowy dresses, shorts, light blouses mix perfectly with boots, blazers and light jackets.
I think we never had such a warm autumn, at least not lately, anyway. 
I love it, cause I still have the chance to wear all my colorful summer pieces and to be honest, I’m kinda worried about the upcoming season cause I have no idea what to wear. So I’m thankful that I’m still able to reinvent my summer pieces. 
Anyway, this is what I wore a few days ago, I hope you’ll like it! 
Have a great day!

04 October 2011

Bad Teacher

Good morning,sweeties! 
The story of this outfit was quite simple at first. 
I was very anxious to wear my blue striped skirt again and, considering the fact 
that it’s the beginning of October, I needed something a little thicker. 
So I went for my cashmere sweater from Benetton. 
Oh, I really missed that warm and hugging experience given by these sweaters! 
Anyway, so when I first saw myself in the mirror, the first thought that went through 
my mind was that I look like a school teacher. 
So, I’ve decided to add these edgy sandals (the weather is still warm enough for that) and the Asos cuff bracelet that I absolutely love, to give the outfit a little spice. 
I chose this handbag, because I wanted to keep that idea with the teacher look and go matchy-matchy, this time.It turned out pretty interesting, I think. 
Still, I’ll have to reconsider the idea of matching sweaters with this type of skirts! 
Have a wonderful week, guys! 

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