31 July 2014


Good morning, darlings! 
Speaking about Sales, here are three other pieces I managed to score this year. 
I bought the skirt during the Winter sales, actually. You know that I absolutely love
 pencil skirts and this particular one totally caught my eye with its teeny tiny polka dots. Found it in my size, had it altered cause you know, having a small waist has its 
downsides, but it was still a great deal. Perfect match for these color block navy sandals (bought on sale, also) and this chic knotted shirt. What I love most is that I had my eyes on these items from the moment I saw them, but somehow I just couldn’t convince myself 
to take them home with me. One reason more to be thrilled and happy with my sale haul! Have a wonderful day, guys!

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29 July 2014

Why We Love Sales

Hello, ladies! 
If it was really necessary, one reason more to declare Summer as our absolute 
favorite time of the year is the Sales season. And with this crappy weather we’re 
having here, I really needed to be reminded why I love this period so much. 
Today I’m wearing  two of the items I managed to find at more than 50% off. 
The shoes and this magnificent skirt! I had my eyes on them from the beginning of the Summer, but I congratulate myself for resisting the temptation to buy them then.  
 I took them home with me this weekend at less than the price of one single item, 
along with other great bargains. Stay tuned! New outfits are coming! 
Have a wonderful week! 

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24 July 2014

Skirt Week

Hello, birdies! 
It appears that I developed a new crush on full pleated skirts, this week. 
You gotta love them, they just go with everything  and they are comfy and chic, also. 
I had no plans to take any pictures of this outfit, but I remembered 
I haven’t shown you this color, so here it is. 
Have a wonderful and sunny day! 

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22 July 2014

21 July 2014

Still Obsessed

Good morning, guys! 
Talk about good investments, right?! 
I guess you’re sick and tired of this black body – royal blue handbag, but it’s a winner 
for me and I’m loving it more and more every time. I must admit that I sometime buy pieces that end up in the back of the closet after being worn once. I’ve tried to educate my impulse of buying seasonal pieces, but I’m not quite there yet. On the other hand, 
these versatile „Oh my God, they match with my whole wardrobe╦« pieces are the ones who make my heart sing. You just can’t help yourself from loving them 
and congratulate yourself for the good investment! 
P.S. I promise I’ll stop wearing this combo...hmm...sometimes soon. 
Have a wonderful week, darlings! 

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18 July 2014

The One That Has It All

Hi, darlings! 
This dress is like a dream come true to me... 
Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit and I’m only admitting this cause you’ll get to see my 
dream dress later on next week. And I bet it’s your dream dress, too! 
Simple, comfortable, elegant and casual (yes, I’m wearing flats, again!), long, flowy, 
sexy but still chic. This dress has it all! And I am going to have it in every color. 
What can I do?! I really can’t help it. I can imagine it worn at a beach party, 
but in blue or white! Hmm...let’s start making plans for this weekend! Have a great one! Kisses

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17 July 2014

Edgy Red Riding Hood

Hi, guys! 
Don’t you just love this waistcoat?! 
I know most of you thought it was a dress the last time I wore it, but that makes it even more special, doesn’t it?! I kept the volume on the bottom half, but I added some edgy accessories to spice it up a bit. Oh, and I’m not wearing heels! It felt so weird, 
like I was literally walking on rocks. 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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