28 August 2014


Good morning, little birdies! 
Ok, let’s cut to the chase: this dress is perfection! 
Hurry up and get it, cause I promise you won’t regret it. 
It was pure love for this version on neon yellow, but this one is so beautiful, 
so delicate...that I had to mix it with studded accessories. Weird, right?! 
Thing is, sometimes even I get tired of heels and way too feminine outfits and there are days (mostly, during the weekend) when I feel that I should break out of the ordinary. 
The metallic zipper on the back of the dress inspired me to go further on this theme. 
But don’t worry, you’ll be seeing more of this dress! Lots of combos are coming! 
Have a beautiful beautiful day! 

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27 August 2014

The Lovely Top

Hello, darlings! Tadaaa...here it is! 
I am not the one to copy/paste other people’s ideas, simply because I respect the work and effort behind...well, everything. Cause no matter how easy and fun it seems to be, there’s seriously a lot of work behind almost every activity. But, I had such a huge crush on this wonderful blouse, that I dreamed of having it in every color, ever since I saw it. Unfortunately, after months of searching and searching for it on every website out there,
 I failed miserably. So, encouraged by all your messages regarding this top and by my personal shopaholic side, I thought about making it myself. So here it is, after months 
of searching for this perfectly smooth fabric, it is here, available in more color versions. 
So sorry for this sloppy outfit with it. I’m going through a phase somewhere between exhaustion and lack of imagination, so I’m in a constant search for comfort. 
Have a wonderful day, guys! 

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This is me, looking seriously crooked, but still refusing to wear sunglasses

25 August 2014

Rose Petal

Good morning, darlings! 
I just „love╦« the pics I take after work. I look like I’m preparing to go to bed. 
Moving on, I can’t believe Summer is almost over... I took a walk through the city yesterday afternoon and I got a little scared. It was that nice, pleasant, perfect warmth that we all love, but it’s the first sign of Autumn. The light is starting to change, the green of the grass is starting to fade, the leaves are starting to fall...It breaks my heart, literally! But I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet and I bet you, guys, aren’t either, 
so let’s enjoy Summer! My Summer lasts till the temperature drops below 20 degrees. 
So there’s still a long way to go! The dress I’m wearing today is a statement for that. 
As much as I love pencil skirts, I could easily spend my whole life in boyfriend jeans and dresses like this one. It feels so wonderful against the skin, it’s super comfy, with just the right amount of elegance. The upper half is designed as a tee, but I chose to wear it off shoulder, this time. It gives it a little extra something, don’t you think?! 
Also, you gotta love this new necklace. My advice? Hurry up and buy one for yourself, too! 
It will brighten up your Fall outfits! 
Have a wonderful week, guys! 

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21 August 2014

Royal Tulip Dress

Good morning, birdies! Rise and shine! 
Since we are in the middle of the wedding season, I’ve decided to show you some
 suggestions of what you might wear. You already know this from my daily outfits: 
I stand for simplicity in all its forms, solid colors and a small drop of elegance. 
You won’t be seeing me rocking feathers, sequins and other glittery appliques any time soon. You probably remember last Winter’s Royal Blue Tulip Skirt, so how could I not make a dress inspired by it, since you all loved it so much?! Oh, and beware...
I am wearing make-up! After four hours of sleep, ten hours at work and other adventures,
 I was ready to party! More or less...I was literally dreaming of my comfy bed. 
I should have drawn some bubbles with little zZz in them... 
Have a wonderful and cheerful day, darlings! 
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20 August 2014

Ad Hoc Choices

Good morning, darlings! 
So, this is what I wear during those days when I allow myself to be a little...sloppy. 
Ok, let’s not overreact! This is just the type of casual outfit I choose to wear when 
I know that I have a full day ahead: fabric shopping, picking up, wrapping and boxing orders, stuff like that. Truth is I wanted something casual and comfortable, but my eyes stopped on this wonderful blouse and I couldn’t resist. Ever since I took it home with me (after literally fighting for it, I might add), I was dreaming at the moment I’ll wear it. Thing is I had something totally different in mind, but I promise I’ll show you that version, also. It’s way too beautiful for such a negligent approach. But you know how it is...
there are some days when you just can’t imagine yourself wearing something else 
other than that one particular piece. So here is a mixture of styles, something 
different than what I usually wear, but oh, it felt so good! 
Have a wonderful day, guys! 

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19 August 2014

Sea of Blue

Good morning, darlings! 
Although there is absolutely no connection with it (after all, this shooting took 
place at one of the most impressive cultural edifices of this city), these pictures make 
me think at the sea. The amazing shades of blue of the water, the waves, the contrast 
with the sand, the amazing feeling of freedom that only the seaside can give you...
Instead, here I am, on a Saturday early morning, trying to stay focused and still 
while being in the worst state ever. The exhaustion eventually caught up 
with me, after all.I really need a vacation! 
Until then, I am still dreaming at the sea while looking at these pics! 
Have a wonderful day, guys! 

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