30 June 2014

Crazy Kid

Good morning, darlings! 
Here I am giggling like a crazy person. 
I promise I’ll get back to you, later on, with the story behind this outfit. 
Gotta run now! Have a wonderful week! 

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27 June 2014

Birthday Outfit

Good morning, guys! 
Somehow I totally forgot to show you my birthday outfit. 
Which was two weeks ago, but that’s not important. 
Lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s healthier not to keep track of how fast time flies. It’s more important to keep track of what went good or wrong during this time.
 Your accomplishments and failures, your joys and sorrows, your laughter and tears. 
If you’re on the positive side it means that you’re on the right track, so keep going. 
If not...make a change! We all live by the fear of change, but more often change is good, change is positive! As for me, I’m halfway there and I’m planning to get closer and closer by the day! So thank you so much for walking by my side, for your wonderful encouragements and support! And yes, I have developed an obsession on this color. 
I’m loving it more and more with every shade and every shape!   
As for the flowers...they stole my heart! 
Have a wonderful weekend, darlings! 

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25 June 2014

After the Rain

Good morning, guys! 
Just tell me...isn’t it impossible not to love H&M?! 
It’s true that I always feel like a hunter when I’m shopping there. 
Aiming the target, desperately searching for the perfect size and proudly walking
 to the cash desk. Another victorious day! The Trend section has some unforgettable pieces, I must admit. And this waistcoat is one of them. I instantly fell in love with it the moment I saw it and everyone else did, too, yesterday when I wore this outfit. 
Question is, what’s the story with me and black lately?! I blame it on the moody weather. Have a wonderful day, guys! 

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24 June 2014

Strong Accents

Hi, guys!
 Another simple outfit for today. It’s all about comfort, simple pieces and some 
strong accents. The weather has gone wild lately, it’s raining non-stop like we’re 
in the middle of Autumn. I’m craving light dresses, pastel colors and sheer fabrics 
so badly...Anyway, we’ll have to do our best with what we have. 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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23 June 2014

Back in town

Hi, darlings! 
I’m back from my short vacay and I have so many things to tell you. 
All that this week, cause I have to run now. 
Doing absolutely nothing for a few days has its perks. 
Have a wonderful week! 

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16 June 2014

Dress Up

Good morning, darlings! 
I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but I hate my hometown. 
Ok, I’m exaggerating, but just a little bit...cause it is, honestly, the main source of 
my nerve rack. I spend half my life stuck in traffic and that’s a fact. Let’s take today,
 for example...I spent 40 minutes stuck in a gigantic traffic jam...on my street! 
The rain finally stopped so I figured it’s the perfect time for a shooting. So, here I was, 
at 8 am in the morning, running around in circles just to be ready in time to catch that perfect light. All things good, the dress was wrinkles-free, my hair was looking somehow decent and I was running around the garden picking pink flowers to go with my outfit. 
I was happy, „Today is going to be a good day for shootingĖ®, I said to myself.
 Until I left the garage. An enormous cars queue was just in front of my entrance. 
I was so shocked that I literally remained with my mouth open for a few seconds, 
not knowing what to do. But a driver invited me in the queue and I’ve found myself in the middle of that disaster. I forgot to tell you...I don’t live on a main boulevard, I live on a quite street of houses. Traffic jams almost never happen! Not like this...
so I’ve spent almost 30 minutes on my street, just to turn around and wait another 
ten minutes, just to be able to enter my garage. Now, my mother has a few 
dozen pink flowers less and I have a few more unneeded nerves.
 In other terms, it’s funny the power a long dress has in changing your whole appearance. When I chose this dress, I had in mind a simple romantic easy Sunday look. 
Believe me, I was wearing flats. Actually, I was so eager to wear my new statement Conscious Exclusive earrings and this piece was a perfect match for them. 
I was shocked by the different effect of this dress when I saw the pics. 
It somehow looks so elegant and statuesque that I can’t even believe that
 I was wearing flats. Perfect piece to dress up and down, isn’t it? 
Have a wonderful week, darlings! 

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12 June 2014


Hello, darlings! 
If there’s one thing I love more than skirts, during Summer, that is the jumpsuit. 
Jumpsuit, playsuit, overall, one piece...whatever we or they call it, it’s my go to piece during this season. It’s so practical, easy to wear, comfortable, but still chic, that I like it more than the classical dress. Unfortunately, I own only a few pieces and that is because I’m always having problems with their length and waistline. The floral printed Mango jumpsuit I managed to get during last year’s Summer sales is by far my favorite. 
That is probably cause I’m usually a fan of solids. That particular print, though, 
made me take it home with me. As for this particularpiece...it’s the result of three combined wishes of mine: palazzo pants, highlighted waistline and draped fabric. 
Simple, comfortable and chic. If you’ll see me wearing the black version more than...
ten times, this Summer, don’t judge! We’re only humans, after all... 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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