26 April 2012

The Sequel

Hi, guys! 
Just a quick update for today. 
This is what I’m wearing right now... something comfortable, but still chic. 
Also, I hope you’ll like my new haircut! 
Have a wonderful day! 

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Blazer: H&M
Shirt: Zara
Pants: Guara
Sandals: Zara
Ring: H&M
Earrings: H&M


Dianna said...

love your shoes!

Paola said...

You are very nice Alina!

Ana said...

Great outfit, chic and cool ;) Love this shirt!!!

theshortblakdress said...


Demy said...

:O Well, if you didn't tell it, I wouldn't notice the new haircut hahah! You're a stunning woman no matter what you wear or how your hair looks, so yeah, I like the new look :P And the outfit rocks! What a gorgeous top! The print is cute and the asymmetrical back makes it so unique! And of course the shoes <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Bright lipstick is perfect for you! Brava!


MonochromeMagpie said...

Your new haircut looks lovely on you!

Monochrome Magpie

Kate L. said...

You look fabulous as always! Love the shirt!


Ms. Magor said...

Beautiful shirt!



Fictitious Fashion said...

Your new hair cut is super cute.. you look young in it :)
n cute tee :)

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You are also welcome to see My Blog Makeover :) Please tell me your views


mademoiselle mode said...

I love your top really <3

Kisses from France swetty

Baby Budget Blog said...

Very pretty graphic top!


Lotus Blossom Design said...

great look! love those shoes! xo

Daniella said...

You look gorgeous sweetie,in love with the print of your top! And of course your hair looks beautiful! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Jennifer said...

What a chic and stylish outfit honey!

Love, Jennifer


Dreaming of Chanel said...

You look adorable with curly , shorter hair !! I also love that graphic ZARA top ! Have a lovely day ahead , sweetie ! xx

xoxo Kellz* said...

Love this n the shoesssssssssss:)

Call me M said...

Love your shoes, and your hair looks great like this!

PKelly's Site said...

love the top!!! chic look!!
http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

I like your new haircut!! An I am totally loving this outfit!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

samecookiesdifferent said...

hi dear you look great- have the same heels in all black :)
xx the cookies
share the feeling
visit <3
have a wonderful thursday evening!

Anaivilo said...

Mmmm..that top is simply gorgeous!! I love the print and the sandals! Peachy yummy colors :D

one girl, one blog said...

I just can`t get my eyes off your sandals!I am in love with them:))

dimitri said...

It's a great shirt. Perfect blazer. This outfit is very chic.

Claudia* said...

Perfect!love your look!a lot of kisses


Alela Sirah said...

Love this look it has just the right amount of color!!

Anonymous said...

those shoes are amazing, i'm following you, follow me if you want!

~Jeimy~ said...

this top is gorgeous you look soo chic love your hair too!!

Alina said...

Thank you so much!xx

Emanuel I. said...

E adorabila bluzita...
Imi place si noua ta frizura, of course!

Dana said...

I love your new haircut and the pants in this outfit!
I would really love it if you could stop by my new blog:
I referenced your blog here:
I hope you don't mind. I was so happy when I saw these sneaks on you knowing that I had "connections" that could make it happen for me to get my own pair.
Thanks again.

Vanessa - PureGlam.tv said...

You look absolutely beautiful - love the high heels...


Van - PureGlam.tv / Bloglovin / New Facebook-Page

The Rubber Doll by Pepa said...

Love the look. my dear!! kisses <33


Unknown said...

I love your looks.

You are a perfect always
From Spain

En el blog hoy
"En Tablas"


Unknown said...

Very nice top, the print is really interesting! And your hair looks fab!

Magdalena said...

You look fantastic, as always!!Love every single piece!!!Very interesting shirt!!

Wish you a beautiful weekend and see you soon!


Skinny said...

Love your top and lipstick!!!

Alina said...

Thank you so much!xx

JelenaR said...

It is really chic,just go with you...<3

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