27 September 2013

Hair Care Routine

I’ve received tons of emails from you, guys, asking me what is my haircare routine. 
Now, I finally found the time to make a proper post regarding this issue. 
Let’s start with the beginning...Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with the perfect hair, 
but having a beauty salon for...well, almost all my life, helped me a lot. My hair evolved from being straight almost all my childhood, to being curly during my teenage years. 
Well, now it kinda looks like a huge mess! It’s not curly anymore, nor is it straight. 
Believe me, there’s nothing worse than having a healthy, shiny hair that naturally looks like a haystack. So, I’m forced to style it every single time. Mostly, using heat styling tools. Fortunately, the fact that I use high quality hair products keeps it healthy and shiny.

Another story about my hair, well...I used to be blonde. Yeah, yeah...you read well, 
I used to be blonde a few years ago. When I was in high-school, it came to my 
attention that every hairstyle looks better on blonde hair. That, and the fact that lighter hair would definitely look good on me. Oh, but I was so wrong! So so sooooo wrong. 
Believe me, blonde hair is not for everyone and especially not for me! It took me one year
 to get from my natural hair color (dark brown) to the lightest shade of blonde, my goal.
 I didn’t want to ruin my hair, apparently, but guess what, I did it, anyway!
 So, when I’ve decided to go back to my natural color, I had to cut it short...very short, 
because it was no way for it to regenerate otherwise. I cried for a whole week,
 even though everybody told me it looks good me. I love and I’ve always loved long hair 
and that is that! That is why sometimes I wear hair extensions. Not entirely for the 
length, but for the thickness. Since my hair is not very thick, I bought the extensions 
to make it look better. They have almost the same length as my hair, so this is their only purpose. They are clip-ons, so it takes me 2 or 3 minutes to put them on and take them off, without doing any damage to my own hair. I totally love and recommend them! 
They are literally a life saver. Every single time I have a bad hair day, 
the extensions make it look better instantly!

Let’s talk about my color, now...As I’ve previously told you, I used to be blonde. 
Wanting to go back to my natural hair color in order for my hair to recover from the damages made by the subsequent coloring, I dyed my hair dark brown. In one day, 
I went from light blonde to dark brown, without any regret. The only regret I had 
was for my actual hair, cause it went from long to a short bob in a few minutes. 
After almost two years of letting it grow in order for the blonde damaged hair to be gone, 
I decided not to dye it anymore. I made a pause of almost two years, during which 
I only applied a highlighter two times a year in order to refresh its natural color and shine.
All good until some time ago when...I got bored and decided to make a change. 
Now I want to obtain a lighter chestnut shade, a L’oreal Majirel 7.23, to be more exact. 
Cause, by the way, this is the brand I’ve always used to color my hair. 
Many of you asked me what exactly is my shade, right now. Honestly, I have no idea! 
I’ve always dyed my hair at the salon and the girls always mix different colors and shades in order to obtain the best result, a personalized formula, to be more exact. That is what everybody should understand. It doesn’t matter only the color you use to dye your hair, the base (your actual color) and your natural reflexes are equally as important. For example, my hair has red reflexes, naturally. Since I don’t really like’em, the girls always add a pinch of green to my formula! So, I dye my hair once a month and the coloring process is always followed by a Kérastase ritual: Bain Chroma Captive and Masque Chroma Captive in order for the color to set.
 If you have a more delicate color it is recommended to use these two as
 regular care products. That’s what I used to do when I was blonde.

Personally, I am one of those loyal customers that stick to a product if they are satisfied with the result. For quite some time I used Kérastase Bain Volumactive and 
Kérastase Masquintense. I was extremely pleased with the results. I needed volume, because of my not so thick hair and nutrition for my slightly dehydraded hair. 
These were the perfect products for me! As for the styling products, I used 
Kérastase Ciment Thermique, a reconstructive thermal creme to protect my hair for the damage made by the heat styling tools. Also, Kérastase Elixir Ultime was quite a must 
on my list, cause, as I was telling you earlier, my hair is slightly dehydrated
 from all the styling with the heat tools. This oil has a triple action: 
not only does it nourishes the fiber, but it also protects and fortifes it, 
without leaving it oily.

But, lately, I was mind blowed by some new discoveries.
 At the moment, I use Kérastase Cristalliste Shampoo, Mask and Serum
It’s a new range created by Kérastase especially for long hair and believe me, 
it does wonders for me. I use the Serum just after I style my hair, in order for it to look perfectly smooth, without the annoying baby hair that makes me look like...well, Bijou, sometimes. It does the trick without charging up my hair, plus, it smells heavenly! 
Instead of the Elixir, I now use the Moroccanoil Treatment. Perfect for all hair types, 
this product is an argan oil infused treatment which does wonders for your hair. 
And instead of Ciment Thermique, I now use Heat Styling Protection from Moroccanoil, also. It veils the hair in a superior film in order to protect it against thermal damage. 
Not only does it strengthens the hair, as it imparts soft hold and shine. 
For me, these are the perfect hair care products! 
And from your messages, I guess they really do the trick!   

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