17 March 2014

Shop Online Massimo Dutti

This Spring’s debut is covered in wonderful news for us, shopping addicts. 
First one on the list comes from Massimo Dutti. I remember like it was yesterday...the first Massimo Dutti store, opened in Bucharest six years ago, was fascinating for me. 
The first thought that crossed my mind...finally, one more fashion retailer enters the Romanian market, what a joy! I was familiar with the brand from my trips abroad, 
but having it here, just a few steps away from home was more than wonderful. 
The store was just as I remebered it...a cozy familiar vibe, with a hint of elegance 
and the most amazing fragrance I have ever experienced in a mass-market store. 

I love Massimo Dutti as every single one of you, guys, but my mother is definitely 
their biggest fan. It’s impossible not to love their elegant, classy, timeless pieces, 
so who can blame her?! I bet the opening of their online store will finally convince 
her to start shopping online, Massimo Dutti’s Romanian Romance started six years ago, 
in Bucharest. This year, on March 19th, Massimo Dutti’s online shop will open its 
virtual gates for all shopaholics across Romania. Are you as excited as I am?!

Last week began beautifully for me, with a wonderful box from...
who else?!...Massimo Dutti. So I had the chance to test the platform before the official launch. It is as warm, elegant and  clean as the actual store. Very easy to use, 
featuring all the products from Men, Women and Teenagers Departments.
 It was very difficult for me to choose from all the products, but I did, eventually, 
so I can’t wait to show you what I got. Until then, get ready to shop 
on www.massimodutti.com, starting March 19th!   

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