27 March 2015

In Full Bloom

Hello, darlings! Long time no see! 
I’ve missed blogging so much during these last few weeks, believe me. 
I wish I could have kept you updated, but I didn’t even have time to breathe.
 It was all worth it, though. I am almost finished and I can’t wait to share every single moment with you. Thank you so much for your always so wonderful messages and
 emails, thank you for the warm welcome back, thank you for being here every day 
and for keeping up with me! I couldn’t have done anything without you! 
Thank you...From the bottom of my heart! 
Have a peaceful and beautiful night!

My darlings, many of you have been telling me, lately, that you are no
  longer seeing the updates on my Facebook page. After the messages begun to bundle up I’ve decided to look into it. And it’s official: Facebook has started limiting
 the visibility of the posts made by Pages starting January 1st. The reach of a normal post is now less than 10% of the people who liked the page. That being said, 
I am inviting you to follow the blog via Bloglovin, email (you can see these
 two options on the right column), or to subscribe to this page. 
This way you’ll be able to see all the nonsense I post here! 
Thank you so much and so sorry for the inconvenience. 
With love, Alina
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Dress: buy it here
Shoes: Zara (ss14)
Earrings: H&M


Natalya said...


Natassia said...

Love the print of this dress! :)

You look great! :)

Geekette in High Heels

Girly said...

aww... so cute n so girlish look!!! love it!!))

Unknown said...

Just lovely! So feminine! =)

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