20 October 2015

Polka Dots Candy

Hi, darlings! 
We took these pics almost one month ago, but I totally forgot to show them to you, guys. Most of you already saw the dress on Instagram and facebook, so I already know 
you love it. Of course...I do, too. Although my mother is constantly telling me 
I need to grow up, truth is, I don’t want to. The years are passing by so fast, 
our life is becoming more and more serious...we have bills and taxes to pay, tons 
of resposabilities and things to worry about...We totally forgot to smile and actually
 live our life. I choose to live it through my clothes. Full skirts, bright and powdery colors, frills and pleats, you’ll always see me wearing them. At least untile I’ll have my own 
little doll. God, she’s going to be one spoiled cupcake!
 Anyway, my favorite color, lately, powdery pink for sure. 
Among burgundy, plum, nude and khaki, this Fall.
 Stay tuned, lots of goodies coming up! 

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Dress: My silk fairytale Collection 
More details here
Orders at mysilkfairytale@gmail.com 
Earrings: H&M (on sale now)
Heels: Why Denis (ss2015)
Handbag: Michael Kots


Fashion&Makeup said...

I fall in love with your dress :)


Girly said...

awww..... amazin look!!!!! luv it!!! xoxo <3 <3 <3

John B. Marine said...

Beautiful dress, handsome handbag, and charming pumps. Your loveliness is exceptional including your face and hair.


Descude said...

Esti perfecta!

Unknown said...

You are truly amazing!


Unknown said...

That dress is so stunning <3

Vicky / The Golden Bun

Unknown said...

I love the look dear, its amazing.

Natassia said...

Nothing I like more than polka-dots and high heels! :)

And you,.. have hit this right out of the park! Love the outfit! :)

YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

Francesca said...

Yes, please! Don't grow up and stay like this forever!
No need to grow up if it means to wrap ourselves in anonimous clothes; our hard work, our commitment, our responsabilities, are enough as a proof to be "serious" and grown.
You're such a beauty, and such an inspiration: your style is a breath of fresh air!

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