31 May 2012

When in Barcelona...

I know it’s been a while since I promised I’ll make this post, but time is my toughest enemy, right now. Finally, here it is...my trip to Barcelona in a few words. 
Although I’ve visited quite a few, there’s no country in the world I love more than Spain. 
I don’t know if it’s the wonderful and impressive architecture, the amazing landscapes, 
the delicious food, the perfect beaches, the beauty and kindness of the Spanish people or just the fact that I love the history, language and mostly...everything about this country. Amongst all its wonderful cities, my personal favorite would be Barcelona. 
Perfection in every way that is possible, I must say! 
The city of Gaudi brings everything to another level: absolutely impressive architecture, delicious food, the beautiful beach and a great selection of stores making Barcelona 
one of the top shopping destinations in Europe and my personal shopping Heaven.

In front of my hotel: Plaza Catalunya

If there’s one thing that I don’t like about this city is the multitude of large 
boulevards and adjacent streets. Don’t get me wrong, it’s impossible not to like’em, 
but it’s kinda hard to get around if you’re not used to them. 
Anyway, I’m not the typical tourist type...I don’t exactly feel the need to visit or take pictures of all the famous sights. I’ve always said that if I want a beautiful picture with 
the Eiffel Tower or Sagrada Familia, in this case, all I have to do is Google it. 
I know, I know...I drive my mother insane with this kind of thinking, too. 
But I do have an obsession with the local architecture. I love to take pictures of normal buildings, stores, public buildings, houses...don’t ask me why, I just do. 
Still, if you want to see everything there is to be seen in this city I definitely recommend the Barcelona City Tour HOP-ON HOP-OFF Bus. The ticket costs 24€/adult, 
but it’s available one whole day, giving you permission to get on and off the bus and visit every objective or part of the city you want and even change between the two routes available. You will also receive a map of the city with short descriptions of every stop, 
plus an audio guide that will assist your journey.

The hotel where I stayed was exactly in the Catalonia Square, so I had one of the 
main stations just in front of me. The location was indeed perfect since I had one 
El Corte Ingles just in front of the hotel and direct access to Passeig the Gracia, Barcelona’s main shopping boulevard.

Every single store or little shop is located here. 
From the famous high-street retailers such as Zara, Mango, H&M and so on...to stores 
I was looking forward to get to: Blanco, Sfera, COS and Uterque. Tiffany, Chanel, 
Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and all the high-fashion brands you could think of are located door to door to affordable and local brands. This is another thing that I loved about this street, since I’ve always hated that separation between...the two worlds. 
Anyway, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Mango, Zara and H&M stores in my whole life. There are like 20/square meter. Shopping Heaven, I’m telling you!

This is how a Zara store should look like...

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Pastels at Miu Miu

The fabulous Chanel windows

Although Barcelona is famous for its wonderful weather, I didn’t have the chance to get one glimpse of the Sun. It was cloudy and windy most of the time, but luckily for me,
 it didn’t start raining until the day I left. Still, it was kind of cold for this time of year. About the pictures, well...I shot around 100 only, because after carrying the camera in my handbag for a whole day, I was ready to toss it into the trash can. My back was killing me, so I refused to bring it with me the next days...the camera that is, not my back! Anyway, I had a really wonderful time...I could go on and on forever, but I just 
have to go back to work, right now...

Some of my purchases:

Furla Candy Studded Handbag
Michael Kors Handbag
Uterque Sandals
Zara Studded Sandals with Swarovski Stones

New additions to my perfume collection:

Carolina Herrera - 212 VIP
Bvlgari – Jasmin Noir
Chloe – L’eau de Chloe

Blanco rings, bracelet, necklace
Vogue Espana

Zara blazer
H&M skirt

Bershka studded shorts
Topshop scarf

Obsession no.1: H&M Peplum Blouses

Obsession no.2: Zara asymmetrical skirts

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