11 November 2013

Pink for Diana

Hi, darlings! 
During these last couple of days I realized how fragile life actually is. 
I am and always have been the one who always sees the empty half of the glass. 
But that is only cause I want more from me, from the ones around me, from life. 
As I’ve previously told you, I strongly believe that we must always try to be the best version of ourselves. Looking up to others may be disappointing or deceitful sometimes...
sadly, most of the times. But believing in yourself, staying true to your 
real values and beliefs, working hard for your dream, loving the ones around you,
 being real and sincere may only bring you the best in life. 
Diana Sorescu was exactly this kind of person. 
A wonderful, beautiful and amazing woman, who worked hard for her dream, 
who stayed true to herself no matter what, who loved her friends more than anything, 
who faced life with a big smile on her face. Unfortunately, she left this world far too early, 
without having the chance to finish her wonderful journey. Still, she left us so many
 beautiful memories and so many wonderful words, but way too much sorrow.   
The news of her departure came as a shock to me and all of the people who knew her. 
It’s not fair, but God has His way of settling things. He chooses to take some of the most wonderful people with Him, but I’m sure that’s only cause He has something way more special prepared for them. Take a moment and read the beautiful vanilla words  
Diana used to write and wish her a wonderful journey! 
As for you, guys, remember to love and enjoy life at its best, no matter how hard 
it seems sometimes, because you never know where you’re going to be tomorrow.
 Love yourself, love the ones around you and cherish every insignificant moment 
of your life, cause you have no idea how important it actually is. 
Life is pink, no matter what! If it’s not today, work hard so it would be tomorrow! 
This post is dedicated to Diana. Thank you for teaching us so much in so little time! 
Farewell my dear!  

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Blazer: Asos (new collection)
Pants: Asos (new collection)
Shirt: Mango (old)
Shoes: Zara (aw11)
Handbag: Dior
Ring: Swarovski 


Daniella said...

You look stunning in this pink suit! And the Dior bag is the perfect ladylike touch along with the classic heels :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Anonymous said...

Stunning in pink! That suit fits you beautifully and looks so polished. So sorry about the your lost, Diana sounds like an amazing woman, may she rest in peace.

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Anonymous said...

This suit is really nice on you and the color fits you very well.
I just wanted to ask you the link for the asos suit because i couldn't find it on their website. It could be great.
Please continue to post your outfits often because I really enjoy them.

SMART Fashion said...

Frumos mod de a exprima un gest! Chiar m-a lăsat fără cuvinte dispariția ei...

Unknown said...

frumoase cuvinte ai spus Alina.
Dumnezeu sa o odihneasca in pace, i-am citit blogul si se vede intradevar ca a fost o persoana frumoasa!

John B. Marine said...

Wonderful insight and inspiration, Alina. I'm sure Diana would surely approve and appreciate this post and this tribute. Full respect for you with this post. As for this outfit, I'm tickled pink over your lovely dark pink pants outfit. Great looking pumps and handbag to go with this outfit.


Stefy said...

Frumoasa ideea si gestul tau! Dumnezeu sa o odihneasca!

Divo's Diva said...

Such a beautiful post and very true words!


Unknown said...


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~Jeimy~ said...

gorgeous mix of colors those shoes are forever my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

You are an ispiration! I am happy to be your follower :*

Unknown said...

seeing the bottle is sometimes nicer than looking at the empty or full half of a glass, ;)

Call me M said...

Such a sweet and touching post! She sounds like an amazing woman! May she rest in peace! What a beautiful tribute to her!

Unknown said...

I'm not big fan of pink, but it looks perfect on you :)
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Alina said...

I'm very sorry, hon, but I can't find it either. It was probably sold out. Thank you so much, I'm very glad you like'em!

Alina said...

Thank you so much, Diana! It truly means the world to me! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hey buna îmi place foarte mult blogul tau! Locuiești in România ?

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