03 January 2014

2013 Retrospective

Hi, darlings! 
It’s that time of the year, again...
the day we draw a line and compare the good with the bad, the success 
with the failure, the results with the work. Well, this year I am not going to do that. 
I had my ups and downs, my good and bad days, but most importantly I learned a lot, mostly from my mistakes. The most important thing I know for sure at the start of this new race is that I want more. From life, from me...and I am going to work twice 
as hard for it! I’ll make it through, just watch me! And I’m sure that you’ll do, too! 
Chase your dreams, build your life and climb up, one step at the time. 
And remember, believe in yourself! Cause if you don’t, no one else will! 
Just be the best version of yourself, nothing more, but nothing less. 
As for this past year, thank you so much for being here for me! 
Your support totally means the world to me! 
While I was reviewing last year’s outfits, I draw a conclusion: I’m a Summer girl! 
Always have been and that’s never going to change...Today, at the beginning of January, 
I have my hopes up that Winter is here just for a short visit. 
Enjoy this year at its best, guys! And thank you...a million times!   

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PKelly's Site said...

very chic! love the outfits!

LOLA C. said...

Nice, nice, post!!!

Unknown said...

hehe o placere postul acesta! cate outfit-uri deosebite!! :)

Kaiyo Aino said...

I loved so many of these outfit! Keep up the good work!
Keep in touch!
Hope you can join my 2 international giveaways:

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful outfits!


Alberto Hugo Rojas said...

always perfect.
wonderful, elegant, sophisticated, beautiful and very sexy
I wish you a wonderful 2014.

S said...


Vlada Cotorobai said...

foarte stilata! <3


Unknown said...

Mi-ar fi greu sa aleg o favorita, ai avut un an intesat de tinute frumoase!

Iti doresc un an nou special marcat in intregime de bucurii, draga Alina! Pupici!

Sandra Bendre said...

Nu ma pot decide asupra unei tinute, imi plac la nebunie toate ! my style <3
La multi ani, darling! :*


Unknown said...

Great style and photos! :)

Fashion As I Love It by Dana Oprea

Mónica Villar said...

Your style is amazing!! love all these looks
twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
Fashion room lounge

A chic kiss ;)

Anonymous said...

best wishes for 2014 honey! xoxo


Unknown said...

Superba ca de obicei Alina!

Anonymous said...

Aahh...love them all!! :*


Alice said...

Blusa bianca e pantaloni neri sono il top!

Christina said...

Absolutely my style! I looooove your outfits!

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