14 January 2014

Love Story

Good morning, guys! 
This is a story of a girl that loves beautiful fabrics and clothes. 
A story about me...and you! A story about everyone around us, probably. 
Ever since I was a little girl I used to talk with my best friend about this issue 
and our biggest wish was to be able to make for ourselves the clothes that sometimes (way too often) were so impossible to find in stores. Well...this was just children’s talk, 
but the frustration I gathered through the years led me to this decision. 
I am going to start making my own clothes! One step at a time, learning from my mistakes and constantly trying to improve myself. Don’t get me wrong...
I am not a new so-called designer, nor will I ever be! I’m just a normal person somehow refusing to stand in line and fight for a piece of clothing in order to be able to wear something nice. So, here I am, twirling in the middle of the street in my new designed skirt. I love it to death, mostly because I was craving for one just like this for years, now. 
If you’re interested, you can find it here.
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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Blouse: Zara (new collection)
Skirt: buy it here
Boots: H&M Paris Show Collection (aw13)


Oh My Clutch! said...

Buen outfit el de hoy.
La falda con forma evasé es espectacular, y me encanta que sea de color camel!

Nuevo post!!! Vestido rojo y stilletos nude http://ohmyclutch.wordpress.com

Daniella said...

Pretty photos sweetie! And a lovely look indeed, the colour of your skirt is gorgeous :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Girly said...

adorable outfit!!!

alessandra said...

You are stunning! I love the skirt!

Butterfly said...

Este superba, imi place cum se aseaza, mult succes si sa ne tii la curent cu ceea ce creezi, sunt convinsa ca vor fi haine superbe pentru ca ai un simt estetic extraordinar :*

MayDay said...

Imi place mult croiul fustei, are volum.

Vrei sa ne urmarim reciproc? Let me know!


WhoneedsChanel? said...

I love it! These boots are perfect! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it. it looks great.

Alexandra Rentróia said...

Love the boots and the skirt is really beautiful. Congrats! Is your closet available for shipping to Portugal? :)


elarmariodelanena said...

really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely flirty skirt! Twirl girl!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Victoria said...

Cute skirt. You look like a ballerina.

Christina said...

Oh my...i love this iutfit ans skirt :) Nice blog:)

Christina said...

I`d like to make an interview with you for my blog because your style is absolutely my fav. Is that possible?

Ioana-Carmen said...

Cat de frumoaa este combinatia, iar fusta...este to die for!;) pup!

Call me M said...

Did you made that skirt? Wow! It's absolutely amazing! I'd love to have one like this. Looks fantastic on you!

CarmenG said...

Foarte faina combinatie si "curata" asa cum imi place sa spun despre tinutele tale :)
Fusta e lovely <3

The Pink Innuendo said...

Really amazing skirt. xoxo


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