17 November 2014

Fallen Leaves

Good morning, sweeties!
 I must admit that this is the first year I’ve started building a small collection 
of chunky sweaters, ever since the beginning of Autumn. My mother is so proud!
 Truth is, as the years go by, I’m transforming myself into an old woman. Literally.
 I crave sweaters, thick coats and boots. Oh, but don’t get me wrong, I’m still making
 these unconventional combos my parents love to hate. Shorts in Winter and bare legs,
 of course. Love this kind of easy looks for this weather! The sweater keeps you warm 
and the boots do, too, but you still have that small touch of sexiness we all need. 
Have a wonderful week, darlings! 

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Sweater: Zara (new collection)
Shorts: H&M (new collection)
Boots: Smiling Shoes (new collection)
Handbag: Michael Kors
Earrings: Zara (new collection)
Watch: Michael Kors


Jaela said...



Klavdija.V said...

I adore this look! The sweater and heels are just perfect!


Elianna said...

The sweater and the boots are very sexy. Good for your! These is attitude!!

Amanda chic said...

gorgeous look

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