13 November 2014

Forest Green

Hi, guys!
 I was just telling you the other day about my daily uniform. 
Today, I changed my mind. This is actually my daily uniform. 
These skirts have become my „go to”rescue item, I must admit.
 Since they practically go with everything, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t
 wear them every day. Especially, since there are so many colors to choose from.
 Some of you asked me for more outfit suggestions with them, so I’ve decided to mix
 them differently every other time. Hope you’ll like my suggestions. 
Have a beautiful day! 

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Blouse: Zara (old)
Skirt: buy it here
Ankle-boots: Smiling Shoes (new collection)
Handbag: Michael Kors
Faux fur etole: Zara (new collection) 

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