21 January 2015

2014 Retrospective

Well...finally, that day has come! 
Hey, don’t judge, darlings! It’s quite a journey to choose, combine and resize 
over one hundred pictures. Over one hundred days, moments, outfits. 
Over one hundred „resting bitch face” snaps and a few smiles. Hundreds of rays of sunshine, thousands of steps and dozen twirls. This year was quite amazing for me, definitely the best one yet! As every single year is, 2014 was filled with...sugar, spice 
and everything nice! I wish...It had a little bit of everything: new challenges and opportunities, new beginnings, new friendships and collaborations, wonderful moments, happiness and smiles, but also disappointments, failures and mistakes, tears and heart sores. Unfortunately, life is not always as we want it to be. People come and go, mostly because they never really „were” in your life the way you thought they were. 
Mistakes are being made all the time, no matter how much we wish we could prevent them. But even they have their own little purpose in our life. They make us learn, 
evolve and be a better person. Step by step, every single day. To be honest with you,
 guys, I haven’t even realised how fast this year went by. It was a full year, concentrated around a new experience, a new step, a new beginning: My Silk Fairytale Collection. 
I’m keeping this story for another post I’m planning to make really soon.

Today, I’m just extremely thankful to you, guys, for...practically everything. 
Thank you for being here every day, for your wonderful emails, for your kind thoughts,
 for your amazingly beautiful souls...thank you for being as amazing as you are and 
for choosing to share the beauty of your soul with me! I evolved so much as a person,
 as a human being, as a woman, I’ve found my style and my...calling!
 I’ve found myself, all thanks to you!

Creating this blog, sharing a small part of my life with you, guys,
 was probably the best decision I have ever made. This blog was not only a hobby, 
it was the tool which crafted the woman you see today. For that I have to thank you,
 guys, again! You, and my boyfriend who stood by me every step of the way. 
Who is patiently taking my pictures whether there are minus 8 degrees or plus forty, although he really and I mean realllllly hates this activity. You and him are my only
 team behind this blog, the only team I need to show you a part of my life, not a story. 
My only wish is to be able to keep you updated more often, but I promise
 I’ll do my best to make it happen this year.
 As for 2015, I’m planning to make it unforgettable. Are you with me? 
Thank you, again! From the bottom of my heart <3


Miss O. said...

mai fata draga, ar trebui sa zambesti mai des, mai ales cu gropitele alea :D.
Multa bafta cu proiectul tau.

Iveta said...

Beautiful outfits. I love your style

Fashionable Streets said...

Gorgeous looks, nice mixes!
Have another great year!


Descude said...

Fie ca 2015 sa fie asa cum iti doresti, esti minunata!

Unknown said...

Superb fara doar si poate :)


Natassia said...

So many gorgeous outfits! You're such an inspiration! :)

I definitely will try a few of these! :)

Geekette in High Heels

Federova said...

Am savurat fiecare colaj, superbe pozele!

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