15 May 2015

Silent City

Good morning, darlings! 
It is probably the most beautiful time of the year, so our main purpose should 
be to live and enjoy it at its best. Personally, I’m failing miserably in doing so.
 I have so many great things to share with you, but unfortunately time is my 
biggest enemy, lately. Thing is...I’m happy! Extremely exhausted, stressed out and
 always on the verge of a breakdown, but happy. And that is the most important thing!
We took these pics on May 1st, so exactly two weeks ago. The town was completely 
empty, so it was a bliss to take a walk on the silent streets. I must confess that I am 
totally in love with this shirt. I think this is my favorite trend this season: I am
 completely and iremediably in love with bohemian shirts. 
They are so comfy, but still so chic. Don’t you just love them? 
Have a wonderful weekend, darlings! 

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Shirt: Zara (new collection)
Skirt: My silk fairytale Collection (buy it here)
Sandals: Zara (ss14)


Boheme.Fille said...

Doamne, e perfectă fusta! Arăți minunat!

Cazare pensiuni said...

Ce frumos ai imbinat cele doua elemente. Fusta iti vine foarte bine, dar pe mine ia ma da pe spate. Bravo!

John B. Marine said...

You look beautiful, Alina! I love this blouse and the skirt. Pretty chic cutout sandals also. Beautiful hairstyle to compliment the outfit. Amazing!


Style & Poise said...

Lovely skirt and sandals!


Life's a shoe said...

gorgeous skirt and I love your shoes!


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