25 May 2015

Polka Dotie

Good morning, birdies! 
Rise and shine! We finally took the new camera for a test this weekend, 
after leaving it abandoned somewhere in my closet for...a year. It was now or never 
and I’m really glad that „now” finally came. I am pleased with the results, although
 I’m still learning. I can honestly say that I’ve never read this much about any 
other technical stuff. I usually get around easily with this stuff. I am the kind of person
 that never reads the instruction manual. Like never. Well, I’ve read it this time...
more than once, with page marks, highlights and all. I felt like I was back in school! 
Plus tutorials, forums and all kind of photography blogs. I’m still looking at it like
 it’s some kind of UFO, but at least I’m on the right track. When the new lens arrives,
 things around here will be even... clearer. So, you’ll be seeing me aging in style.
 I already obsess on the midi length full skirt, so, as my mother says,
 I’m already a few years ahead of my age.
 As you can see, I’ve started accepting prints in my life and these pretty little 
eye candy sandals are definitely the best addition to my shoe collection. 
Have a wonderful week, darlings! 

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Top: Zara (new collection)
Skirt: My silk fairytale Collection (buy it here)
Sandals: Smiling Shoes (new collection)
Clutch: Furla (new collection)
Earrings: Mango


John B. Marine said...

That skirt flares as beautifully as you look overall with this outfit. Absolutely lovely outfit. The top and sandals are equally sweet. Great-looking face and hair also. Awesomeness!


Girly said...

amazin dotted outfit, sweety!!))

Natassia said...

I absolutely adore everything with polka-dots! :)

You look amazing in that skirt and heels! :)

Geekette in High Heels

Unknown said...

Absolutely love your skirt and heels!!! =)

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Call me M said...

Really beautiful skirt and shoes!

Anonymous said...

Alina you look cool, but please show us something what you wear at the normal day. what wear to job or scholl?

Unknown said...

Stylish and cool outfit! I think you match the colors very well!

Please check my outfit too:
better than yesterday by Albina van den Berg

I also write about music, so if you need some good music to listen too please visit my site

Anonymous said...

Eagerly awaiting your next post. Love your blog!

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