19 June 2015

Gingham Rose

Hello, darlings!
 I am finally back after...what feels like forever!
 I miss blogging like crazy, but unfortunately time is my biggest enemy, lately. 
Meanwhile, a lot of beautiful things happened...a lot of frills and thrills, a lot of colors
 and smiles, millions of hours of work, but as they say: 
Lots of action with tons of satisfaction! 
This little baby, right here, is my proud and joy, this Summer. 
You’ve probably seen that off shoulder tops are the next big thing this season.
 The stores are full of them. I know that, cause I probably own most of them! 
What can I say, I love open backs and bare shoulders. Of course I had to make one
 myself. Sure, you could make three with the fabric I used for this one, but you know me
. I love fullness! When she first saw it, my mother said I could easily make two full 
midi skirts from it. But where’s the beauty in that?! It is cute, but sexy. 
Simple, but with a certain twist. Light and breezy, but still full as a blooming flower. Impossible not to fall in love with it!
 Have a wonderful weekend, dolls! 

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Jeans: Zara (new collection)
Sandals: Zara (new collection)
Clutch: Furla 
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