23 September 2015

Goofing Around

Hi, guys! 
Goofing around from time to time is known to be quite healthy. 
Personally, I must admit...it does wonders for my mental sanity. This was the story 
behind today’s pics. I was in absolutely no mood for taking outfit pictures that day. 
I wanted to wear something comfortable and simple, so obviously I went for one of 
the puffy frilly tops. Its color (The plaids are red, by the way. The pictures are doing 
a hell of a job of showing its color. Not.) inspired the red lipstick – cat eye glasses combo. 
I was going for the sexy nerd look and I was quite serious about my choice. 
Well, nobody else was! So you can imagine how many jokes I got to hear that day.
 Have a wonderful day, darlings!

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Top: My silk fairytale Collection (buy it here)
Jeans: Zara (new collection)
Sandals: Zara (ss15)


Miu Miu said...

Esti wow, draga mea!!

Te pup


Fashion&Makeup said...

you look gorgeous;)
beautiful blouse;)


Elianna said...

Comfortable,simple but also beautiful.:)

Francesca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Francesca said...

How could you be SO beautiful?
You don't look goofy at all: you look so cute!

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