13 December 2015

Black Tulip

Good morning, dollies!
 I still have some pictures left from those days when the Sun used to caress my skin
 during the shooting. I miss those days! At the moment (when I actually find the 
courage to stand in front of the camera) it feels like I am constantly slapped and 
tormented by the ruthless wind. I do, I hate Winter, it’s true! But as much as I would 
hate it, I love this month for its joy and beauty, for its richness (figurative, of course), 
for every good thought and every bright light, for every sincere smile and every warm hug. And I know you do, too! As for this look...I’ve decided to try something different. 
I can’t honestly say that I love it, but I don’t exactly hate it, either. 
It is what it is...different. and different is good sometimes. 
Have a beautiful and joyful week, guys!

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Dress: My Silk Fairytale Collection
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Comenzi la mysilkfairytale@gmail.com
Ankle-boots: Musette (ss15)
Earrings: H&M


Fashion&Makeup said...

Such dress is a dream;)
You look beautiful in it :)


Girly said...

wow!!! fabolous!!!

Anonymous said...


Natassia said...

Gorgeous dress! Love how you pose! :)

And the flowers are a nice touch! :)

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