29 December 2015

Dark Rose

Good morning, darlings!
 I must admit it...I’m still under the Christmas spell. It is impossible not to be,
 since we all know that nothing good comes after New Year’s Eve. Sure, it’s a new beginning, but I’m so over that „New Year, New me” nonsense. Truth is, January 
only brings us deadly cold days, taxes and depressed faces. I’m not the kind of person
 who hates Mondays, probably cause my work days have no end, but I really do
 hate January. The contrast between December and January is almost shocking 
from every point of view. We jump from being all smiles to grumpy faces, from playful 
and colorful lights to dark and cold streets, from richly embellished storefronts to 
a dull short message: „Sale”. I know, we all see rainbows and butterflies when we gaze 
at that sign and that’s probably the only good thing about January.   
Have a beautiful and positive day, guys! 

Hair Styling: La Belle Dame beauty salon by Beatrice Buzarna

Thank you so much for your hospitality and support!

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Dress: My silk fairytale Collection
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Dreamgirl7 said...

OMG Alina what u wrote about January is sooo true, I couldn't agree more!! January is the most boring and depressive month for me, can't wait for spring to come..
Your clothes are sooo beautiful, I wish u would also deliver them around Europe! Have a great NY celebration, Tamara from Slovenia! 🎉🎉

Nicole said...

Wow wow & just wow. This dress is looking just fabulous. Net sleeves adding extra charm in this dress. xoxo....

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