28 March 2013

Things you don’t know about me Part I

Many of you asked me to tell you more about me during these...almost...two years. 
Finally, here it is! A story in two parts about the things you, probably, don’t know about me. The serious part, today and the fun facts, tomorrow. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. And please, be gentle, don’t laugh...I’ve opened my heart, here ☺

My full name is Nadina – Alina Filipescu
 I love my last name and I’m secretly planning to keep it, although I don’t really fancy the idea of having such a long name. Anyway, my first name was my childhood nightmare. Not a single person seemed to get it right: I was either Nadia, or Adina, never Nadina. Plus, everybody used to ask me what’s with it, since it’s not a very common name in our country. My mother chose it inspired by a character from a famous Romanian novel: „Răscoalaˮ by Liviu Rebreanu, plus she loved the french version Nadine and that was it. I was doomed for life! Since it is my first name, everybody used to call me like that and it drove me crazy. I was so happy when I finished school...Still, my boyfriend and his family still call me Nadina! I hate him for that! I hope you’re reading this, hon!

 I have a brother
I don’t know if I ever mentioned that on the blog, but I do. I have an older brother, nine years older, actually. Yes, we’ve been through that older brother-little sister phase...not with the protective attitude, oh...no way. But with the teasing and fighting, and constant arguing. We’ve been there, of course, but then again, who hasn’t?! We are quite different so, as time went by we drifted apart. I really, really, reaaaally wish I had a sister, also. I am so jealous of those of you who were so lucky to have a sister: older, younger...doesn’t matter, as long as she’s there. I don’t think that a relationship more beautiful than the one between two sisters, exists. Really. In my opinion, it is the most sincere, honest, pure and strong relationship you can have with another human being.

I have a serious relationship 
since my last year of high school, so for almost 7 years, now. 
It feels like forever. I literally can’t remember how my life was before him. My boyfriend and I have been friends for three years before we got together, so we’ve known each other for ten years, now. It’s one of the best things in our relationship. He is my lover, my best friend, the person who has always been there for me, the one I’m torturing with my shopping addiction and...my photographer.  

I love animals
I have three dogs: one Labrador, one Labrador Retriever and that little white puffy thing. When I took him home with me, two years ago, I thought he was a Pomeranian. Well, it grew, and grew, and grew and now...my little „two kilograms fur ballˮ wannabe is a 9 kilograms pony.
 I’ve found out he was a Spitz, after all. 
And of course, my beloved Birmanese cat, who has been with me since I was nine years old.   
He is quite old, but he hasn’t changed a bit. He is extremely playful and naughty and I hope he’ll be with me for as long as possible. I love them, all, with all my heart and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. 

I work as a manager at my own Beauty Salon 
 Well, my mother’s, actually, since it was founded 14 years ago. 
I’ve been going there almost every day since I was in high-school and I love it. It feels like my second home, really. Most of the girls work there for almost ten years, so it’s like a small family, right now. We struggle to offer our clients only the best of everything at affordable prices. We work only with the best brands and products in every field (L’oreal, Kérastase, Moroccanoil, Guinot, Babor, Anesi, Alessandro, OPI, CND, Essie)  and our girls are the best at what they do. 
And that’s a fact, not a marketing  phrase.

 Also, at the beginning of this year, I’ve started my own online shop
Its name says it all. Luxury Beauty offers a wide range of professional luxury beauty and haircare products. L’oreal, Kérastase, Moroccanoil, Guinot andBabor
Everything you wish for, you’ll find it there at the best quality! 
Oh, yeah...and I’m a blogger :)

I don’t have any vices
 I don’t smoke, I never drink alcohol...like never! I’m that person who refuses to take even a small sip of champagne for her birthday or on New Year’s Eve. I absolutely adore the smell or coffee flavor in everything (candy, cakes, macarons), but I never drink coffee.

I am addicted to sweets
 And I mean, literally addicted. I can’t live without them and that is a fact. I have to eat something sweet after every meal I have, or else I feel like there’s something wrong. It is impossible for me to start a diet, because I really can’t live without my precious dessert. 

I am addicted to gum
  I really can’t live without chewing gum. I have this addiction ever since I was in high-school and I honestly don’t think I will ever loose it. I have dozens of packages at home and I can’t leave the house without it. If I do, it’s worse than forgetting my phone. 

I absolutely adore reading 
 I could spend hours and hours reading. It’s the perfect form of relaxation for me. I was that student, who, at the beginning of a new school year, had a list of 20-30 books read during Summer. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do it as often as I would like, 
but I still read a lot, mostly online, but still.

Although people see me as a calm person, 
I am always on the verge of a breakdown
I have a choleric personality and most of the time, I act impulsively. It’s not something that I’m particularly proud of, but unfortunately I can’t control it. Also, I am order obsessed. That’s why I choose to do most of the things myself, just to be sure I won’t have to do them again. Weird, I know!

I got my driver’s license exactly one month after I turned eighteen,
 on July 14. I was that terrified of the exam, that after I got home (at 10 a.m.),
 I slept for 8 hours straight. I was literally exhausted from all the emotions. I love driving, but I always prefer the right seat, when available.


I am extremely impatient 
 I literally can’t sit still for more than a few minutes. Getting my nails or my hair done is not a relaxation for me, it’s a torment. I love the result, I just can’t handle the process. I’m just like those annoying kids: „Are we there yet?, Are we there yet?, Are we there yet?ˮ

I absolutely love walking
  During Summer, I spend more than two or three hours a day walking in the park with Bijou. It comes to the point when he really starts begging me to go home. I love this type of normal...boring, might some say...activities. I would give an hour spent hanging out in a cafe,
 for an hour spent in the park, any time. 


I always say what I think 
 It’s one of my biggest flaws, although I consider it to be a quality that I would like to see in others, also. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that annoying person who tells you up front that you are having a bad hair day, or starts criticizing your outfit. On the contrary, I am not judgemental at all. I tend to see the good side in people. I always say what’s on my mind when it comes to feelings, thoughts or opinions, if I’m being asked for it.

I never compromise
  And I despise the people, mostly women, who do. I think that one of the most important things you have in this life is...yourself. The true, pure and inner you. You and the values that have been given to you by your parents, by your culture and education. 
If you screw with yourself...if you disrespect yourself, you disrespect your family, the hard work and years spent by your parents to make you who you are today. A person who doesn’t respect itself, doesn’t deserve the respect of others.  And I truly believe that! 
In other words, I don’t like to choose the easy way, I don’t like to cheat and lie to make my way up top. So, the posts you’ll be seeing on this blog will reflect my choices, my thoughts...me, as I am. I don’t want to pose in a glamorous gown, when I’m wearing a simple black dress for an event. I don’t want to pose in a fake Chanel suit, when I’m wearing pants and a plain shirt to work. I don’t want to pose in a silk dress, when I’m wearing jeans and flats for a walk in the park. I don’t want to borrow my best friend’s designer accessories to show you how cool, chic and glamorous I am. I am not! 
And I don’t want to pose in silk lingerie, when I know that I’m wearing tights and 
Hello Kitty socks when I’m at home.  I will not sell myself short. 
I will not lie to myself and to everybody around me, including you! Neither should you...

I am terrified of public speaking 
 I really am and always have been. It seems like the hardest thing in the world for me.
 And that comes from a person who finished Public Relations and Communication. 
Let me tell you one thing, I won’t be the one sitting in front of you willingly, like...never.

I’m a saver
  Sure, I spend a lot of money on clothes, accessories and so, but this is my weakness and 
I admit it. But other than that, I am definitely a saver. I’ve been saving money ever since I was a child. Love the feeling of safety, security...or fulfilment it gives me and I couldn’t live any other way. Yes, it’s true that most of the time the money I save end up being spent on a fabulous bag, or on...one, or two, three leather jackets, but still. If I want to make an investment, I always think it through, I am not an impulse buyer and I avoid spending money when I don’t have to or need to.

I don’t really like posing
  I know it may seem very hard to believe, but I don’t
Of course, we all love to have some nice pictures of ourselves, but other than that,
 I hate it. Mostly because the camera really doesn’t love me that much, so that is why I always pose with my right side (the good side) facing the camera. It’s weird that when I first started blogging, I used to pose with the other side more. Oh, well, who knows the wonders of modelling and photography?! Not me, that’s for sure! 
True fact: I hate posing that much, that in the last two years,
 the only pictures I took are the ones you saw on the blog.

I have the worst short term memory, 
but I remember even the smallest thing I did ages ago
 And that is a fact. I am actually quite worried about my short term memory. 
I always forget what I have to do, so that’s why I always keep lists. Lists with things I have to do, outfits I should wear, stuff I have to buy...Not groceries, actual stuff! When my mother sends me outside to bring her parsley, for example, I always find myself in the middle of the garden, asking myself: „What in the world was I sent for?!ˮ 
Still, I can tell you in a second what I was wearing on my first day of school, 
or what was the main course at my 10th birthday.

I am pro plastic surgery
  I am extremely critic and realistic with the way I look, I am very much aware of the flaws that I have and I would fix them all in a second. Fortunately, I am still quite aware of the downsides of surgery, so for now at least, I avoid falling in this trap. Cause once you’re in, you’ll never get out! I have what I call „a speed bumpˮ in the middle of my nose, so I kinda look like a witch from profile. It really messed up my self esteem during my teenager years, to be honest. So, I was planning a rhinoplasty ever since and, at 18 I almost did it. Unfortunately, I had the „pleasureˮ of meeting a plastic surgeon that wasn’t so good with words and it kinda freaked me out. I’m still planning to do it, though, mostly because of the medical reason: I have a deviated septum, also.

One of my biggest wishes is to have a girl
 I’ve already told you how much I wanted a sister, so it only makes sense that 
I would like to have a daughter, also. What am I saying?! I would give anything to have a daughter, actually. It’s one of my biggest wishes and hopefully, one day, 
I will be able to share with you the good news!

I don’t watch TV, nor do I read newspapers
  I stopped watching TV about two years ago, simply because there’s nothing you can see except violence, scandals, gossip or nudity. This is available for most of the newspapers, also. I am truly ashamed with the low quality level that local media reached during these last years. The level of manipulation, distortion of truth, lying, cheating and dissipation is just outrageous. I love magazines, though. The ones I’m reading: Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, The One, Business Woman and from time to time: Cosmopolitan, Glamour or Tabu. The first two are my bibles. I never miss an issue and I can’t wait to travel abroad to buy the local issues, also. If I understand the language, of course. Also, I am definitely a TV series addict. I could watch them all day, every day. My favorites: Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210, CSI, Criminal Minds and many, many others.

Stay tuned for PART II, tomorrow...



Alina i adored this entire post about you <3 amazi.g!

Anonymous said...

Dear Alina, this is a wonderful post! Thanks for the insights into your life! I read your blog for over a year and you're really a great girl.
my friend is also a Romanian (Moldovita) and last year I was able to be guests in your beautiful country (Moldovita and Mammaia) and mainly to know the lovely people! Unfortunately Romanians have not a good call in Europe, with your blog and of course reports of people, like me, how have met your country and the people there, will hopefully change this opinion!
Thank you

Stefy said...

Am fost incantata sa aflu mai multe lucruri despre tine :) Chiar am tras concluzia ca nu m-am inselat in privinta ta, esti o persoana deosebita, un model, o persoana demna de admirat! Cu privire la faptul ca oamenii gresesc numele tau, chiar pe chitanta unui colet de la tine era scris Nadia :)) Nu-mi vine sa cred ca ai vrut sa iti faci operatie la nas, eu am aceeasi problema (oricum nasul meu nici nu se compara cu al tau, tu esti asa de frumoasa!), am avut un mic accident in copilarie si de atunci am complexul asta. De-abia astept sa citesc mai multe despre tine maine! Te puuup si sa o zi frumoasa ca tine!

Alela Sirah said...

Great post! I love your maxi skirt and boots!!!

Unknown said...

Very beautiful blog, when people express their thoughts i really like it, its beautiful and real!!

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Daria said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now and I'm really grateful for sharing this post. You know when you have a fav blogger you catch yourselg wondering 'what is she like'.. and reading this poast line after line I had a feeling as if I had been reading about myself. You described yourself exactle like I would do it.. I can tell that you would be my best friend ever, had we met. I'm am so very happy having found out that you are such a lovely girl of merit! You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life, really! I know that everyone is more or less aware of their flaws.. but you have to believe me your nose is perfect! Hope I can meet you some day! Kisses and wish you a beautiful day!



Ana said...


Adele said...

It was lovely to read all about you Alina. Thanks so much for opening up.
Trench coat Giveaway on my blog!
Happy Thursday Hun xoxo

Elena said...

Bravo, Alina! Pentru curajul de a scrie toate aceste lucruri despre tine si de a imparti o parte a intimitatii tale cu cititorii tai - ai tot respectul!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to learn more about you! I absolutely love your name, Nadina is actually my best friend's name, and of course is not a common name here in Mexico but sure is a cute one. Your brother looks so much like you, that's funny and 7 years with your bf? congrats girls, not all of us are that lucky to find a committed man, he's a keeper!

Cee. ♥

Demy said...

I HAD to comment on this one, because this is my favorite blog post of yours (and I've been here since the very beginning). First of all, AWWWW you've never showed us your boyfriend before :') :') Man, 7 years together! This is a whole life WOW! I wish you all the best with your lovely boyfriend, he seems to be a great person, just like you :)
Also, I realized now that we have a lot more in common than I thought! I have the biggest sweet tooth EVER to the point that I don't care if I have lunch, but if I don't eat chocolate or ice cream or something sweet, I'm flipping out :P I too love reading, I love animals, I have a brother, I haven't watched TV for three years, I am impatient and I never compromise. What you wrote is exactly what I've been thinking and I love that you think the same way. I knew that you have a strong personality and your thoughts on self-respect and honesty are admirable.
There are two things I disagree with, though. I HATE CHEWING GUM! I actually hate the sound of chewing, it's like I can't concentrate if someone next to me is chewing. I haven't eaten a gum since I was 5 or something :P And also, I'm pro plastic surgeries only for medical purposes. Especially when it comes to you, I feel like it would be such a shame to alter this natural beauty. You're practically the prettiest girl I know in real life and on the blogosphere, so I think I'd be sad if you changed anything. But of course, everyone knows what's best for himself <3
I'm looking forward to Part II (and sorry for the long comment :O )

Alice in vintageland said...

This is actually an amazing post and after reading it I realized we are very much alike which I would have never guessed otherwise: worst short therm memory ever and very worried about it, big reader, don't watch TV (for over 6 years), love animals, love nature, addicted to sweets, don't smoke or drink(rarely - and just a taste), always on the verge of a breakdown, I say what I think, I always try to stay true to myself, I'm a huge saver, hate posing and really bad at it, pro plastic surgery - would probably never have something done because I 'm too afraid.

And by the way - I would have never thought somebody as pretty as you had ever had any insecurities - and you shouldn't!:)

Anca Grigoraș said...

It was very nice of you to share these things about you with your readers. <3 I've found out that we're very much alike. Especially with the sweets part. I get that same weird feeling if I don't eat something sweet after every meal. :))

Ana said...

Si eu imi doresc enorm o fetita, nu am timp sa citesc pe cat mi-as dori si urasc TV-ul :)) Frumos articol! :)

Nathalie said...

Love that post <3

John B. Marine said...

Nice of you to open up like this. I've been a regular visitor to "My Silk Fairytale" since first discovering it. I have always appreciated and respected you for all you do. This was a wonderful post with great insight.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this post, I see we have very much in common. Try watching Scandal, Beauty & the Beast or Cult, I think you will love these series, xoxo


mirjam schuurkamp said...

ah so nice to know more about you!
so cool your amazing
love the purple skirt on the photo!

new outfit post; Kenzaa tiger top

Ruxandra said...

I'm in love with macarons too!

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

You are a really nice person alina and self confident!
And I like your first name!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Call me M said...

This was an amazing post, and I enjoyed reading every word of it! Wow! We actually have many things in common. I think you have a beautiful and special name, and you don't have to be ashamed of it. No one seemed to get mine either when I was younger, but thank God it's more common now and they don't make so many mistakes anymore. I'm also in a serious relationship, love animals, I have a driving license but I prefer other's to drive instead of me. I'm also order obsessed, terrified of speaking in public (studied Marketing and Advertising, which also include PR), I don't like posing, I don't watch Tv, read newspapers (for the same reasons) and I'm HUGE Tv Series freak. HUGE! We should share lists. hehe
I can't wait to read the second part. You're such a sweet girl, and from what I've seen you're very down to earth, despite being incredibly beautiful and having an amazing body. You could easily be a model though, if you didn't have a problem posing, but what you do is much better and I'm sure you love it! I'm happy for you!

melissa rose said...

Great Post! I loved learning all about you :)

One of my really close friends is Romanian too and she's also been with her boyfriend for 10 years, I thought that was a cool coincidence!

And WHAT THE HECK? you don't like photographs? you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and you look great in all your pics! Any photography tips from your bf?

steffy said...

Foarte interesant articolul :)
E tare dragut sa aflam detalii despre tine. Pana acum am vazut atatea poze in care esti perfect imbracata si machiata, ca un model. Odata cu acest articol stim mai multe despre felul tau de a fi si despre personalitatea ta. Tine-o tot asa, ai toata admiratia mea!

~Jeimy~ said...

awwww I loved this getting to know you post wow i learned so much about you and it's like you became even more closer to me thanks for sharing you inspired me to do a post like this wow soooooooooooooo cool!!

Natalie said...

You are so pretty! Gaah I am envious!


Magdalena said...

This is one of my favorite posts of yours, Alina!! I like your personality!

Have a great weekend!!

xoxo MM

Mihaela Pojogu said...

Avem multe in comun: nu am avut s mi-am dorit o sora, vreau si eu o fetita, insa problemele de spate imi cam soptesc ca e posibil sa nu-mi indeplinesc acest vis, vorbitul in public e o oroare si pentru mine, good side stiu si eu cum e, etc etc :)
Ma bucur sa te cunosc asa cum esti :)

Lilli said...

Hi Alina! It was very nice to read more about you:) You see a very good girl, I am addicted to sweets and love animals too:) You also look very pretty in the first photo! Kisses! xo

Martina said...

I just got here in your Blog, wonderful, your outfits are all perfect, and you're really beautiful, congratulations!
I would be really happy if you would to follow each other? ... let me know

MY BLOG> http://mcaruso930.blogspot.it/

FACEBOOK> http://www.facebook.com/ThisIsMyStyleByMartinaBlog?ref=hl

Alina said...

@ Followpix: Thank you so much, sweetie! I’m really glad you liked it. How’ve you been? Miss you!

@Laura: Thank you so much for being here every day in the last year, it really means a lot to me! I know...we have a bad reputation everywhere in the world, but although it looks quite bad from the outside, we really are good, nice and hard working people.I’m very happy you enjoyed your trip, here! No, thank YOU!

@Stefy: Multumesc din suflet, Stefy! Multumesc la fel, de fapt! Si tu esti o persoana minunata! M-am amuzat teribil cand am citit comentariul tau. Yeah, story of my life! :)) Crede-ma, nasul meu este mult mult mai rau decat al tau. Doar ca am grija sa pozez astfel incat sa nu se vada in poze:) Te pup! Weekend frumos!

@Voguerka: Daria, you have absolutely, but absolutely no idea how your comment made me feel. You made my whole week better! Thank you so so much! It really means the world to me! I am not that beautiful, believe me! You are beautiful! I’m sure we would get along perfect and I really hope we could meet, one day! Have a wonderful weekend! Kisses

@Elena: Multumesc, Elena! Ma bucur mult de succesul pe care l-a avut aceasta postare. Nu poate fi vorba de curaj. Sunt si am fost dintotdeauna o persoana sincera, careia nu-i place sa se ascunda in spatele unei masti si sa pozeze in ceea ce nu e. Asta sunt eu, cu bune si destule rele si ma bucur si mai mult cand ma simt apreciata chiar si asa. Multumesc!

Alina said...

@Cee: Well, it’s not a very ugly name, after all. You should hear our local ones. They are quite embarrassing, believe me. The one you see in the picture is not my brother, Cee, he’s my boyfriend. And yes, I know, he’s a keeper :)

@Demy: And I’m so very glad you did, girl! Of course we are very much alike. That’s why we got along so great, even though we’ve never met. First of all, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for being here every day from day one. It truly, truly means the world to me! As for my boyfriend...yeah, we tend to joke about this a lot and say that we don’t even remember when we got together that’s how long it has been. And yes, he’s a great person and I love him for that! I am exactly the same: I could easily give up food, but I would die without sweets. As for the gum, I don’t think anyone can hear me chewing or, at least, I hope so. I am not much of a chewer anyway, most of the time, I just keep in my mouth. Believe me, I am not even close to being the prettiest, or even beautiful, for that matter. I am a normal girl with tons of flaws, and I am not exaggerating at all, believe me. But thank you so much! You’ve brightened up my day, as you always do. Sorry for what?! I loved every single word you said!

@Alice: I am very glad you liked it, honey! And I’m super happy to hear that we are so much alike. Who, me?! Oh my God, I have tons of insecurities! Tons! Unfortunately, my self esteem is somewhere down below, but there’s not much I can do about it. I just try to stay focused on the good things...

@Anca: Thank you so much! I am really glad you liked the post. Of course, I guess every woman has a weakness for sweets:))

@Ana: Mă bucur tare mult că ți-a plăcut, Ana :)

@John: Thank you so much for being, here, with me almost every step of the way, John. For your always so wonderful comments and support. For everything, really. It truly means a lot!

Alina said...

@Bianca: Thank you so much for the suggestions, sweetie! I’ll start watching them as soon as possible. I was already craving for a new addiction, anyway:)

@Ruxandra: Who, isn’t, honey?! They are the best!

@Francesca: Thank you so much, honey! Self confident?! I am really not! Not even close! :)

@Call me M: Thank you so much, honey! First of all, thank you for being, here, with me for so long. It really means a lot! I am so happy to hear we have so many things in common! Our colleges are almost the same, I think the difference is just in the name. How funny are we?! Choosing this college when we’re terrified of speaking in public:) I am a huge tv series addict, also! I just mentioned a few of the ones I watched. They are actually , dozens:)) Believe me, my body is not that amazing. I, as all of us, have my flaws...And oh, god! Incredibly beautiful, me?! You are way too sweet and kind! I am just a normal girl, believe me. Thank you so much for every single word. It really meant a lot to me! Kisses

@Melissa: Thank you so much, Melissa! I’m very glad you liked it! The camera really doesn’t love me that much, so I have to be very careful with the way I pose. That is my biggest problem. As for my boyfriend, he doesn’t know anything about photography. He just does what and how I tell him to. I really appreciate that and love him for his patience, though. And I am no pro, either. On the contrary, I can just shoot with the Auto mode:(

@Steffy: Mulțumesc tare mult! Mă bucur că ți-a plăcut! Cuvintele tale chiar înseamna enorm pentru mine! Nu este chiar așa... din păcate, timpul nu îmi permite să fac ședințe foto organizate. Fac pozele înainte să ies în oraș, sau după job, dacă mai este lumina bună. De aceea, machiajul nu este nici pe departe perfect, nici părul, nici nimic. Și cu atât mai puțin, eu! Mi-aș dori din tot sufletul să vă ofer mai mult! Sper, ca în viitor să reușesc!

@Jeimy: Thank you so much, honey! I’m really glad you liked it! Can’t wait to read yours!

@Tallia: Oh, why?! You are way prettier than me! Thank you so much, though!

@MM: Muțumesc mult! Mă bucur tare mult că ți-a plăcut!

@Mihaela: Mă bucur mult să aud asta, Mihaela! Dar nu mai vorbi prostii! O să ai o fetiță așa cum îți dorești, trebuie să crezi în asta! Și îți garantez că așa va fi! Te pup

@Lilli: Thank you so much, dear! I am very happy to hear that! Love your name, by the way:)

Nadia - The Life In A Year said...

Wow! Ten years together, such a beautiful thing :)
My name is Nadia but a romanian woman that works with me always calls me Nadina :D now I understand why! :)

Dee said...

Putea sa te cheme Ileana Alina asa ca nu te mai plange :))) puteai sa fii fericita Cosanzeana in copilarie si amarata de care se face misto in perioada maturitatii :)))

Mi-au placut la nebunie ambele parti ale acestui articol! Multa bafta in continuare! Love ur blog!

The Messy Glam said...

felicitari pentru post! intial am inceput cu noul post si dupa ce mi-a starnit curiozitatea l-am citit si pe asta :) avem multe lucruri in comun :D cea mai frustranta treaba e cea cu memoria de scurta durata, da.. si pe mine ma roaga prietenul meu sa fac ceva, uit, si el ma gaseste facand cu totul altceva..si nu intelege cum pot sa uit :)))) si legat de operatie, am o ruda care s-a operat recent,a avut tot deviatie de sept. este foaaarte multumita de rezultat :)

te pup, sa ai o seara frumoasa!

Unknown said...

Too many things in common!:) I love ,love reading!! I have the worst short memory though I remember things I did as a 3 year old!! :) and i also hate posing!!!
and thanks for following hun!!! kisses

Precious Deedee said...

M-am relaxat citind randurile tale...In multe m-am regasit si eu :X

Beatrice S. said...

Incantata de cunostinta!

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