26 November 2013


Hi, guys! 
Motivation...this is what you need, these days, to get out of the house. 
The days are getting shorter and colder, but what better reason can a girl need 
than taking her new additions to the cold season wardrobe, for a stroll?! 
The Motivi team invited me to check their Winter collection and I must tell you that
 it looks as great as it does in the official lookbook. The new collection fits every style 
and need, from casual to elegant pieces, from leather to wool, flirty dresses or chic jackets.
 All the pieces are great and truly eye catching, but I fell in love with the Winter coats. 
That’s why I knew I had to have mine. A very soft and light, 
but still thick enough to protect me from the cold, buttery white coat. 
Perfect match for the loose sweater dress, don’t you think?! 
Do check their website to see the entire collection and the Official Motivi Facebook 
page to stay in touch with their newest updates. 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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Full outfit: Motivi

More about Motivi: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube


Daniella said...

The nude colour pallet is so chic against the black boots. Love this look :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Anonymous said...

Absolut superba!
Si floarea este tot motivi?

Alice in vintageland said...

The sweater dress you have on is amazing. Looks so warm and it's very chic. The big rose brooch on the coat is my favorite detail - so cute!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

SMART Fashion said...

ca de obicei, o apariție, chiar și atunci când porți piese neutre. cizmele sunt foarte frumoase, lasă să se vadă exact ce și cât trebuie. Cine te aranjează (păr, make-up)? arăți mereu atât de fresh!!

Victoria said...

Beautiful outfit. The cold weather makes it hard to taking pictures outside.

shopnowsavelater said...

Oh how i've missed your style and posts! you look even more amazing than I remembered you! Love how your style has evolved. I've been MIA but its good to see you're not! loving the beige tones!

xoxo TY

Unknown said...

fab boots



Anonymous said...

Esti superba Alina !! Stiu ca uneori porti extensii de par pt volum, voiam sa te intreb de unde ti-ai le-ai luat pt ca arata foarte natural si nu se observa ca le porti. Astept raspunsul tau! Merci anticipat, te pup!

Unknown said...

Amazing items and you paired them perfectly! Love the outfit! <3

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