16 September 2014

Wear Pink Challenge

Good morning, darlings! 
Well...this is a challenge I’ve decided to take.
 I haven’t wore pink for a while, now, and this ocassion brought to my attention that
 I totally forgot to show you this skirt. It is one of those statemnt skirts, in my opinion: high-waisted, high-split, bold color, volume...Plus, it is one of the first pieces I made, 
so it’s close to my heart, also. It’s true that some kilos were lost since it was made, 
but it still fits me. As for the outfit, I had something more elegant in mind at first,
but in the last minute I’ve decided to give it a more casual and unconventional approach. Loved the result, especially cause it’s a little out of the ordinary mix for this kind of skirt. 
Plus, it goes perfectly with my favorite magazine, doesn’t it?! 
I know I need to change my foundation, it’s still Summer in my heart! 
Have a wonderful week, darlings! 

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Shirt: Zara (ss14)
Skirt: buy it here
Sandals: Zara (ss14)


Unknown said...

Fusta e minunata! In love!!!!!

Girly said...

amazin skirt!!!!!

Sandra Marques de Paiva said...

what a beautiful skirt

Barbora D. said...

wonderful! I am speachless! <3


Pialunja said...

wow gorgeous look, I love the skirt!
Fashion latte with vanilla

Patrícia M. said...

No words to describe this outfit, purely fabulous!


Unknown said...

Great way to give pops of skin. Excellent outfit and I love the pink!

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