13 October 2014

Is it Fall yet?

Good morning, darlings!
 Truth is I always refuse to accept the arrival of the cold season. 
Every year, same story. I am still wearing sandals at 15 degrees, my attention is still caught by the lightest dresses and skirts from my closet, I am still drawn by the brightest colors, and so on. But in the light of the recent events: severe lack of sleep and exhaustion,
 I tend to grab the thickest and most covering clothing piece I own and hide under it. Today’s outfit is an example for my statement. Started from a sexy school girl wannabe look, ended up like...the woman who lived with her cats. But it felt so good, so warm 
and comfy. Plus, it may be considered as an example of transition to Fall. 
Have a wonderful week, guys!

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Cape: Marella (new collection)
Skirt: buy it here
Boots: Smiling Shoes (Black Eva by Ana Morodan)
Handbag: Michael Kors
Watch: Gucci


Patricia loves fashion said...

lovely skirt and cape :)

Alela Sirah said...

Great look! Love the boots and the vibrant blues!

Girly said...

perfect outfit!!! ur looking absolutelly gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so stunning and photograph very well. However the photographer should be directing you to lift you chin and look forward instead of looking down so much. You are too pretty to be looking down and hiding your face as well as the beauty of your eyes. Let the light above you work for you and the greys on the ground work for the foot wear only. The possibilities are endless with the right direction and working with the light.

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