09 October 2014

Purple Haze

Good morning, darlings!
 It’s 4 in the morning and I literally have one eye on the laptop and the other one is 
already sound asleep. I am tired as hell and the thought of waking up in just a few
 hours for a new 20 hours marathon gives me nightmares, but oh, well... 
A girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do! I want you, girls, to be beautiful, 
elegant and happy this Fall! You totally deserve it! 
So it’s all work for me, lately, but just as much fun, cause I love what I do! 
So, I promised you I’ll post these pics asap after the preview you saw during the weekend. I..didn’t, but that’s why I stayed up so late today! So that I can keep my promise! 
Better late than never, right?! This lace is my ultimate dream! Two more models with it are already in progress, you’ll be seeing them really soon. As for the pics, it was an adventure. 
At first, I imagined I’ll wear this dress with my mustard yellow heels...they seemed so
 perfect for each other. All until Thursday, when I saw these perfect Fuchsia Dahlias.
 I fell in love instantly, so I decided I can’t see this dress somehow other than matched with them. Giving the fact that the highlight of this piece is the laced back,
 I decided a sleek pony tail would be the perfect hairdo for it. Well, it definitely wasn’t! 
I looked like a housewife who pulled her hair up in a hurry, after finishing cooking
 three courses and a Shepard’s pie, on her way to a wedding that she had to attend. Didn’want to, but had to! Shooting failed. My perfect Dahlias died so fast,
 that I haven’t even had the chance to admire their beauty.

Saturday, the second attempt.
 I just couldn’t imagine this dress worn with any other color. But I needed my Dahlias. 
Five flower stores were involved, only to end up crossing the entire city to that one flower store who had them in the first place. It’s not even worth mentioning that half of them were...half asleep. Their season is over, so there was no chance for me to find them somewhere else. Is it worth mentioning that there were like 12 degrees when we finished shooting? 
It was the part where I was sitting on the grass.
 A crane was involved in lifting me off the ground. I was like a little purple ice cube. 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! Hope you like the pics! I have no energy 
left to sort them, so here they are all! 

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Dress: buy it here
Heels: Zara (old)


Patricia loves fashion said...

Wow! This is just lovely color conbination. Love the second photo and also photos with ponytail :)

Alberto Hugo Rojas said...


Nitika Bhatia said...

OmG! You look really pretty in that dress and the pictures have come out really beautiful :)


John B. Marine said...

Incredible style! I love this dress an those sandals. Lovely face and hair. Amazing!


Pialunja said...

Wow that dress is incredible!
Fashion latte with vanilla

Girly said...

awwwww.... sooo romantic n lovely n elegance look!!!!

Jaela said...

Gorgeous outfit....I love it


Precious Deedee said...

Combinatia de culori e perfecta! :*

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