10 November 2014

Burgundy Pleats

Good morning, darlings! 
Long time no see, haven’t we?! Unfortunately, it’s true...
it’s becoming more and more difficult for me to keep you updated on a daily basis. 
The day...or daylight, to be more exact, is getting shorter by the minute. Or so it seems...cause there are so many things to be done and so little time. 
Still, I promise I’ll do my best to stay loyal to you, guys.
 As for today’s outfit, you’ve probably noticed that I developed a crush on the colors 
of Autumn. Burgundy for today. You just gotta love the contrast between the burgundy pleats and the over the knee suede boots. The mask comes as the perfect accessory for 
this outfit, doesn’t it?! It is, actually, one of the main „accessories” some people use 
on a daily basis. Cause the truth is that we are actually dealing with masks, nowadays,
 not people. Only masks. An old saying tells us that a lifetime isn’t enough to know a person. But somehow, in our souls, we still hope and believe that we know the people arounds us, the ones we  share moments, thoughts and feelings with. Most of the time, 
we end up disappointed. That’s the cold, harsh truth. But still, my advice is to let your 
mask at home, throw it away, or keep it for the Masquerade Ball...
but be yourself and stay truth to yourself and the ones around you.
 It’s the only way to a happy and healthy life! 
Have a wonderful week, darlings! 

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Blazer: Zara (ss13)
Skirt: buy it here
Top: H&M (new collection)
Boots: Smiling Shoes (new collection)
Mask: H&M (new collection)


Unknown said...

love the outfit! the skirt is superb!



Pialunja said...

Amazing look! The boots are gorgeous :)
Fashion latte with vanilla

Girly said...

absolutelly chic!!!!

Anonymous said...

love your burgundy skirt and lingerie top! need one and promise to contact you when I get in Romania, since you're not shipping in Italy... :(

I invite you to read my blog story in the last post and about the giveaway i'm preparing!:)


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