17 November 2015

Autumn Statements

Hello, darlings! 
Well...enough babbling about the weather. I talk so much about it that one day, 
really soon, it’s gonna run away scared, leaving me with my oh, so beloved, Winter. 
But hey, how amazing is it to be able to wear outfits like this in November?! 
Don’t worry, I had my coat with me, of course, but still. This skirt has become a
 huge statement piece for the cold season. The style is way different than the pleated 
one: it’s classier with a twist. The high split makes all the difference. And this bold color makes it my number one key piece for this season. No other words needed for the 
corset, you already know that I love them. As for the earrings, my greatest find, ever. Cause it was like a race combined with a scavenger hunt. 
You know how it is with the great pieces from H&M. 
Have a beautiful day, darlings! 

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Skirt and corset: My silk fairytale Collection
Mai multe detalii AICI
COMENZI la mysilkfairytale@gmail.com
Earrings: H&M Trend
Ankle-boots: Musette (ss15)


Life's a shoe said...

you look so glam!


Fashion&Makeup said...

you look gorgeous:)


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