03 November 2015

Royal Lace

Good morning, guys! 
A whole world knows that our country has been torn apart by a tremendous tragedy. 
Our souls are a little more empty and our heart has one more crack since Friday night. 
So many things have been said, so many articles and social media posts were written
 and shared. As always, there is more than one side to a story and everyone feels the 
need to share his. Every individual has its own opinion and the right to share it, but 
there are moments in life when it’s best to stay silent.  Stop writting pointless posts 
and start doing something. Whether it’s a silent prayer for those in need, a good 
thought, or a call to action. Again, we must learn to appreciate life, to be thankful for
 every day we have on this Earth, whether it is good or bad, to be thankful for
 every moment spent with our loved ones and for everything we have. 
We all have good and bad days, but as long as those days still exist, it’s in our power
 to change our life and appreciate every second of it.

I choose not to talk about my outfit, today. 
I hope you enjoy the pics and the new approach around my peplum corset.
 With love,

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Coat: Zara (new collection)
Corset: My silk fairytale Collection
More details here
Order at mysilkfairytale@gmail.com
Boyfriends jeans: Zara Man
Heels: Zara (aw14)
Clutch: Musette
 Brooch: H&M Trend (new collection)

1 comment:

Lavinia said...

Ai o tinuta super, iti sta incredibil de bine. Imi place aceasta combinatie de culori, albastru si crem, de multe ori am ales-o. E printre cele mai potrivite pentru aceasta perioada.

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