27 December 2015

Burgundy Waves

Good morning, darlings! 
Well...Christmas is already gone and the only best thing about that is that 
we have to look forward to the biggest party of the year: the New Year’s Eve. 
But since I’m not much of a party animal, I’m still caught in that peaceful, serene
 state of mind  you can only truly feel during the Winter Holidays. I’ve spent these
 last few days with my family and it felt great. It felt exactly the way we should feel
 every single day: without any negative thought, without grief and sorrow, 
without a single care in the world at least for a few days. There were simple moments
 filled with love and joy, with positive energy and  sincere laughter. And I needed that...
we all needed that. So, I hope you’ve spent these last few days exactly the way 
you’ve wanted to. The dress you are seeing today is one of those dresses you can 
wear on every ocassion, cause it’s impossiblle to fail with it. 
Alongside with the back cleavage, bare shoulders are one of my weaknesses and 
you already know that full skirts are also, so it’s a winner combination. 
Have a wonderful week, darlings! 
It’s the last week of this year, so make it a great one. 

Hair Styling: La Belle Dame beauty salon by Beatrice Buzarna

Thank you so much for your hospitality and support!

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Dress: My Silk Fairytale Collection 
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Heels: Zara (new collection)
Earrings: Zara


Girly said...

perfect dress!!!! u r amazin designer of dresses n skirts!!!;)) xoxo <3

About Me said...

Hi doll is this dress still available?

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