11 May 2014

Casual Friday

Hi, guys! 
After probably driving you crazy with the pieces from my collection, 
I figured it’s high time I’d post a simple, casual outfit I wear to work during the days 
when I have lots of errands to run. Oh my God, this was probably the longest phrase written by a human being. Sorry about that! I was so anxious to wear one of the head pieces of H&M’s latest Conscious Exclusive Collection, this beautiful blouse,
 and my new pair of high-waisted jeans seemed perfect for it. Now that I look at the pics, 
it’s kinda funny how serious and conservative I look in this outfit. 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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Shirt: H&M Conscious Exclusive Spring 2014
Jeans: Zara (new collection)
Flats: Zara (ss12)
Handbag: Zara (ss12)


Federova said...

Ce poze, ce bucle!!
Imi era dor de tine, nu am mai trecut pe aici o perioada :(.

Pialunja said...

beautiful outfit! I love the shirt and the shoes, so unique :)
Fashion latte with vanilla

Unknown said...

Wow, this blouse is so fun and gorgeous!

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