20 May 2014

Thank you!

Hi, guys! 
After one crazy week, we managed to take a few snaps of the outfit I was wearing yesterday. All casual for me, lately, since I have so many errands to run. 
Somehow exhausting and a little stressful, but I’m loving every moment of every day. 
Thank you, guys, so much for everything you’ve done for me! 
Whether it was willingly or not, it meant and it means the world to me!
Have a wonderful and sunny week! 
P.S. I could spend my whole life in boyfriend jeans and flats without any regret. 
Don’t tell anyone! 

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In other terms, I was nominated for the second year at the Intel People's Choice Awards category from the Digital Divas Awards, so thank you again!
 If you want, you can vote for me here.

Blouse: Zara (new collection)
Jeans: Zara (new collection)
Handbag: Zara (ss12)
Flats: Zara (ss12)

Earrings: Mango 


Unknown said...

So pretty! Love the boyfriend jeans annd lace top combo!

Books in my bags

Jaela said...

Cute and adorable


Unknown said...

Imi place mult bluzita!

Fashion As I Love It by Dana Oprea

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