05 May 2014

The Silent City

Good morning, darlings! 
Even though I worked every day from Thursday through Saturday, 
today I feel like I’m coming from a long Summer vacay. Probably cause the city was 
so empty these days, so peaceful and quiet...it was a joy to drive, run errands and 
take outfit pictures. These are the moments when I wish I was born in a small town. 
I’ve always dreamed about living in a small American community 
like the ones we see in the TV series. Oh, well, maybe someday! 
I am absolutely and completely in love with these skirts. Every time I wear another 
one I declare myself forever in love with it. That is until I wear the next color... 
This particular one is perfect for Summer and even though I had crop tops and strong contrasts in mind when I saw it, I decided to try a more romantic look for my 
first outfit with it. It just went better with the mood of the city! 
As you probably saw on my social media channels, I bought these sandals on my first online experience on zara.com. I had my eyes on them for a long time, but somehow 
they never hit stores here, in Romania. The Dear Romania campaign made it happen...
they entered my closet and they are now one of my favorite pair of heels. 
Have a wonderful and sunny week, guys! 

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Skirt: buy it here
Blouse: Zara (new collection)
Sandals: Zara (new collection)
Clutch: Nine West
Necklace: H&M


LOLA C. said...

Bonitas fotos y el look fantástico

Daniella said...

Pretty colour combo sweetie :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

Miu Miu said...

Ce draguta e fustita, ALina. Iti sta genial cu ea.

Te pup.


Jaela said...

Just beautiful


Anonymous said...

I used to wear hills all the time, but recently its just a pain(((
How do u do it? Do u change into flats when tired? Just curious, u make it look so easy :)
Can u make a post about your closet please??? That would be so awesome ! May be a post about all your shoes, then bags and favorite accessories.. Just a little peek into your wardrobe )))
Thank you for being our inspiration!

Olga_pinkberry ( insta)

Call me M said...

Such a beautiful outfit! Love both the skirt, and the sandals! Perfect combo!

Girly said...

adorable outfit, sweety))))

Federova said...

Ce frumoase sunt fustele astea, am admirat-o si pe cea pe negru :P.

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