11 August 2014

Bubble Gum

Good morning, ladies! 
Rise and shine! We have a beautiful week ahead, so let’s smile and...
get to work, of course. I have a new colorful and princess-like outfit post for today,
 for a positive start of the week. Positive for you, guys, I almost went nuts when we
 took these pics. Guess what?! It started raining again...You can actually see how 
my marshmallow skirt is working as an umbrella in the last two pics. 
Just how lucky am I?! Forget about The Rain Dance! Just grab some colorful balloons 
and you’ll get your Summer rain. Guaranteed, or you’ll get your money back! 
Plus, you’ll be the most envied person in the park, for sure! 
Have a wonderful week, darlings! Oh, and don’t take yourself too seriously! 
Trust your instinct, be yourself and avoid transforming into a cartooned version
 of yourself, just for the sake of pleasing others. This week’s advice!
 In other terms, have I told you that you are the best?! 
I have some surprises prepared for you this fall, so stay tuned! 

P.S. I’ve always wanted a tulle skirt! 
I have, now, one in almost every color, but don’t tell anyone! 


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Body: H&M (ss14)
Skirt: buy it here
Heels: Carvela by Kurt Geiger


Daniela Macsim said...

adelina said...

cat de frumoasa esti!! perfecta as putea spune!:*

Alina said...

Oh, Doamne! Nu e adevarat, Adelina! Esti tu mult prea draguta! Iti multumesc din suflet! :*

Unknown said...

Esti atat de micuta si delicata. Suuuperba <3

Alina said...

Ooo...am 1,78 cm, Deea! Micuță nu mi s-a mai spus că sunt! Ce drăguț! <3

Unknown said...

Wow! You r 178?? Wow, again )) that's a model height, have you ever been a model or wanted to be one? Just qurious :) personally I think same thing - you r very statuesque and I love your personal style, lately you remind me of some princess from Disney movie , very polished and girly :) or old classic movie leading lady :)

Thanks, Olga_Pinkberry ;)

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