18 August 2014

Soft Touch

Good morning, darlings! 
We finally managed to take pictures with this dress last Friday. 
We took a few snaps the first time I wore it (as seen on facebook and Instagram) 
and you, guys, loved it so much that the first stock vanished within days. 
And I can easily understand why. It is my favorite dress, also! I could wear it all day, every day if I could. I’ve always loved white dresses, but they are so hard to find...
This one is casual, but still elegant, classy with just the right amount of sexiness, 
so you can easily wear it from day, to night. 
As for this wonderful lavender bouquet that looks so pretty against the ivory 
background, it has a story... You know I love flowers. But not just any flowers. 
Bring me an artistic wedding/ godmother bouquet and you’ll instantly see me chopping
 it and throwing away that hideous wrapping and palm-tree leaves. 
Seriously, how did people think of matching roses with palm tree leaves?! 
It doesn’t make any sense. No, it doesn’t look natural, it just looks tacky and fake.  
 I like to see flowers like they are recently picked out from the garden, in their 
natural state. My love for Lavender developed during the last years, when I started
 having my own little purple bushes. This flower is so delicate, so special, and its
 fragrance is so unique that you can’t help from loving it. 

One day, during my daily news feed browsing, I discovered a Facebook page called 
Buticul cu Lavandă. These people cultivate lavender in their own garden and sell 
these wonderful bouquets. The work and dedication behind this „businessˮ is gigantic 
and the prices are nearly symbolic. These are the people that we should admire and 
look up to! We need more of them in our country! 
Have a wonderful day, darlings! 

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Dress: buy it here
Sandals: Zara (ss14)
Ring: Swarovski


Precious Deedee said...

Rochia e superba! :*

Pialunja said...

Wow you look gorgeous in this dress!
Fashion latte with vanilla

Alela Sirah said...

That is a perfect hi-lo dress! Love the subtleness of the ring and lavender matching hues.

Lorena said...

Gorgeous colors!

Girly said...

awwww, sooo lovely look!!!! like it sooo much))) xoxo

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