01 August 2014

Fields of Gold

Good morning, boys and girls! 
The sun is shining and the birds are singing and I’m wearing black. 
It looks and feels weird, totally not me, but this dress has somehow become my go to
 piece when it comes to „get up and runˮ. You know the feeling, for sure. You have to run, you need something comfortable and simple, but you just don’t feel like wearing jeans. 
So you take this dress: simple, comfortable, decent, classy, with just the right amount of sexiness, not to make you look like you’re going to a Nun Convention. I didn’t want to choose the classical black/red shoes combo, so I went for these mustard yellow (liquid gold, in the sun) pair instead. Perfect match for the beautiful sunflowers! 
Wow...I am actually wearing black in the Summer...not loving it, I gotta tell you! 
My next post will definitely be full of color! 
Have a wonderful weekend, darlings!

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Dress: buy it here
Heels: Zara (aw13)


Pialunja said...

Gorgeous dress, I love it!
Fashion latte with vanilla

Butterfly said...

Este superba rochita :*

Maria is on fashion said...

Foarte elecanta si stilata


Precious Deedee said...

Pantofii sunt superbi!:*

Anonymous said...

Foarte frumosi pantofii, completeaza perfect rochia.

Simona Moon said...

Oh da! Superba!

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